Becker Lake Arizona

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Fishing At Becker Lake Arizona

Becker Lake is one of Arizona's true Blue Ribbon trout fisheries. Lee's Ferry may dwarf it in quality, but located a few miles northwest of Springerville on U.S. Route 60, its 85 surface acres and special regulations highlight just how successful scientifically managing our waterways can be.

Becker Lake (named for Gustav and Julius Becker), is more than 200 years old and Arizona's oldest manmade reservoir. It was originally created when an abandoned oxbow to the Little Colorado River was flooded. The only fish in the water at the time were the Apache trout that came in with the original rush of water. They were thick enough to support a commercial fishing operation until the late 1800s when carp were introduced.

Because of its age, there are a number of "legends" associated with the lake, not the least of which includes several outlaws allegedly buried somewhere beneath the water. -G.J Sagi, from the travel handbook Fishing Arizona

Map of Becker Lake AZ

Directions to Becker Lake Arizona

Becker Lake is just north of Sprinerville off Becker Lake Rd.

Information for Becker Lake Arizona
Consumption Advisory To check if there is an advisory read this Game and Fish report article.
Restrictions/Season of Use Becker Lake is open all year
GPS the gps for Becker Lake trail is Latitude: 34° 09' 8.67"N Longitude: 109° 18' 24.32"W
Land Ownership Becker Lake is owned by the Arizona Game and Fish Department
Tournament this week No
Elevation The elevation at Becker Lake is 7,000 feet
Max Surface Acers 107
Spawning Season  
River lake Impounds  
Water Temp cold
Average Depth The depth at Becker Lake 21 ft
Road Condition Paved to dirt
Fly Fishing You can fly fish at Becker Lake they have Apache and Rainbow trout, barbless hooks only
Bait Fishing You can't bait fish at Becker Lake. Becker Lake is Artificial Lure and Fly only.
Access Fee You will need a White Mountains pass available on this site coming soon.
Tonto Pass You do not need a Tonto Pass for Becker Lake
Bag Limit There will posted signs for bag limits on Rainbow and Apache trout. November 10 was 2 trout
Boats to Rent There is nowhere to rent boats at Becker Lake
Licenses for Sale Yes
Swimming Yes
Camping Becker Lake has a several nearby campgrounds
Drinking Water Yes
Barrier free Access Yes there are areas at Becker lake where you can drive to the shore
Restrooms Yes there are restrooms at Becker Lake.
Trailer Spaces No
Electricity No
Boat & Engine Restrictions You can only have a 10 horse motor on this lake
Launching Area Yes
Water Skiing No
Cleaning Stations ?
Phone Number for Water Level Game and Fish (928)367-4281
Marinas No marinas at Becker Lake
Bait Shops  
Ranger Station Pinetop Game and Fish
Ranger District Pinetop Game
Comments: If you find any of the about information to have been updated or wrong, let us know or just post the correction in the forum below. Thank You.

If you caught the last Becker Lake fishing report please post it below. If you have any tips or techniques to share, lures for Becker Lake trout fishing, photos, tips like where to fish at Becker Lake etc we would like to hear about them.

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# AGFD bio 2014-09-18 19:57
Just a few corrections for the info you have on Becker Lake. It is not 200 years old, it was built in 1880s. Stocked with only rainbow trout, no Apache trout anymore, occasional wild brown trout comes in with water diversion from LCR. No access fee is needed, no such thing as a White Mountains Pass, don't buy one if someone offers it. Bag limit is zero, not 2, lake is catch and release year round, with artificial fly and lure with SINGLE barbless hook. Barrier free ADA fishing pier available.
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# Nick 2011-03-09 23:03
I'll be heading out to Becker Lake on the snow melts a little more to do some Apache Trout hunting. I live pretty close to this lake and it always products good sized fishing. :lol:
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# HookedAZ 2012-10-07 18:30
Any luck with those Apache Trout at Becker Lake? I was thinking of heading up the next week or so. Thank Nick.
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# Ted 2011-01-31 10:55
I've been catching pretty much all rainbow trout at Becker Lake. They are usually decent size though.
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# JoeMama 2010-11-07 18:25
spinners Panther Martin, Rooster Tails, rainbow-colored Z-Rays, and small spoons such as KastMasters have also been know to work well. Super Dupers
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# JoeMama 2010-11-07 11:26
So whats the deal they got Apache trout there too? Anyone taken an Apache trout of Becker Lake?
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# D. Willis 2012-11-14 17:23
Quoting JoeMama:
So whats the deal they got Apache trout there too? Anyone taken an Apache trout of Becker Lake?

No Apaches in Becker. I did catch a 19 inch Brown in Becker about 4 years ago. None since then.- I fish Becker 100+ days per year. The latest news is that Becker has been planted with triploid rainbows- (They are sterile), and I've caught 4 of them this year that measured 23 inches- Have heard of a few up to 25 ".
Becker 100% CATCH AND RELEASE now- barbless hooks, artificial lures and flies only.
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# Dan 2010-11-07 08:47
The best months to fish at Becker Lake are April, May, September and up to the middle of November. You can expect to catch large fish at Becker because of the bag limit and the restrictions on bait fishing. There are some nice sized brown trout in Becker Lake. I've pulled in 2 pounders on the norm with an occasional 3. ;-)
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# HookedAZ 2010-11-07 08:14
In the last fishing report in November the lake's water level was around 90% full. Fishing is fair to good for rainbow trout. Nymphs and midges near weed beds work well. No bait fishing is allowed at Becker Lake, 2 trout bag limit.Water temperature 56.
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