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This fishing report for Lake Mead is brought to you by the NDOW.

10-17-2012 – Fishing for stripers has slowed considerably with the boils subsiding. Anglers are still finding success in the narrows using jigs and AC plugs. Anglers have also caught striped bass and catfish while fishing from shoreline with anchovies. In some areas largemouth and smallmouth bass are more active and have been hitting on crankbaits, anchovies and worms.

10-10-2012 – It was a busy weekend at the Lake. There were tournaments out of Callville Bay as well as CAST (Catch A Special Thrill), an event for disabled and disadvantaged kids, with an abundance of fish being caught by all. With the cooler water, the bigger stripers are coming in. Best times to make a trip out are between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Anglers are getting mostly topwater action using A/C plugs and spinners.

9-19-2012 Fishing has been good across the board. Largemouth, smallmouth and striped bass all are hitting and anglers are catching fish throughout the lake. With striper boils taking place later in the day top-water action has followed suit. Trolling with shad imitations also has been productive. Catfish are hitting along the beaches north of Hemenway.

9-12-2012 This week a few lucky anglers did well while jigging spinners off the bottom in 60 – 100 feet of water within the Boulder Basin, one striper weighed in at approximately 12 pounds. With fall quickly approaching striper action should continue to improve. Largemouth and smallmouth bass action has been good in the Echo Bay area of the Overton Arm.

9-6-2012 Striper action has picked up in the Temple Bar area with anglers finding success while throwing Sassy Shads and other shad imitations. Top-water action has been picking up along with the number of striper boils. One guide reportedly caught 83 stripers in one morning while fishing the Boulder Basin with shad imitators.

8-29-2012 Fishing continues to be good for stripers and anglers have found some striper boils in the Callville Bay area. Monsoonal rains have dropped a lot of water into the lake, and runoff has caused the water to be somewhat murky. Keep an eye out for floating debris.

8-22-2012 Fishing is strong for average size strippers and largemouth bass. Throwing top-water baits or jigging plastics are successful as well as using anchovies. Live bait is still difficult to find. Temple Bar, Virgin Reef and the Overton arm are reporting a lot of action. The fish are generally in the one- to- three pound range and occasionally stretching up to five pounds.

8-15-2012 Vegas Wash stripers are still on the menu. Fishing has been good for those throwing top-water baits or jigging. Live bait is tough to find. Anglers also are finding good striper action in the Overton Arm. The fish are generally in the one- to three-pound range and taking top-water lures.

8-8-2012 Fishing has been good in the Vegas Wash and around the nearby islands. Most of the striped bass have been caught with top-water stuff or by jigging. Anglers are finding some shad in the back of Vegas Wash but not as many as last year, which would explain reports of skinny stripers. The beach area north of Hemenway has shut down but anglers are catching fish along the lake side of the tires. In the upper basins anglers have found success with cut baits and homemade chumming mixtures.


Cut anchovies and sardines have been catching striped bass in the Vegas Wash area and in the upper basins from Echo Bay to South Cove. The best action is taking place in the early morning and late afternoon hours. Night fishing under lights is also producing fish, but there have been sporadic reports of striper boils at sunup. Action has slowed in the Hemenway area.


The water level is dropping about six-inches to a foot each week. Watch out for newly exposed structure. Anglers are finding slow fishing for striped bass in the Boulder Basin and the Overton Arm, but are still reeling in a few fish along the beach area north of Hemenway and in the Vegas Wash. Skinny fish reflect the low shad numbers in the basin. Small stripers are hitting cut baits in the Temple Bar area. On the other hand, smallmouth and largemouth bass are keeping anglers busy throughout the lake. Anglers are finding some top-water action in the early morning hours.


Anglers are finding striper boils with increasing frequency. So far the best time to find them is right at sun-up. The striper bite has really turned on in the upper lake from Echo Bay to South Cove. Anglers are catching lots of fish, but they are on the small size at one to two pounds. The best action is taking place with cut anchovies fished at night under lights. Vegas Wash is still giving up fish but fishing along the beaches north of Hemenway has slowed. Anglers looking for black bass are finding good action with jigs and top-water stuff out of Callville Bay and in the Overton Arm.


Anglers are beginning to see a few striper boils, but the best bite is taking place on cut anchovies fished deep. Those who are hoping to avoid the heat are finding success for both catfish and striper during the nighttime hours. Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass are keeping anglers busy in the Overton Arm.


Striper action has picked up in the Vegas Wash area, along the beaches north of the Hemenway launch ramp and in the upper basins. Near the beaches anglers have been catching fish in the two- to three-pound class with cut anchovies. In the Vegas Wash stripers are beginning to feed on the surface in the early morning hours. Both smallmouth and largemouth bass have been keeping anglers busy out of Callville Bay and Echo Bay. Crankbaits and jigs are catching the fish. The winning team at Saturday’s Angler’s Choice tournament weighed in nearly 16 pounds of fish, including a 4.7-pound largemouth bass. 


When they could find some rest from the pestering winds and the seasonal boating traffic anglers found good fishing over the long holiday weekend. Action has been good for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. The dropping water level is exposing submerged vegetation and other structure. Striped bass have been hitting baits in the lower basin, the Overton Arm and near Temple Bar. Most stripers are in the 1.5- to 2-pound range, though some fish are pushing the five-pound mark. Anglers fishing the Overton Arm have been pulling in multiple species from largemouth bass to striped bass and from blue gill to catfish.


Anglers are finding good action for smallmouth and largemouth bass in most areas. The fish are hitting on crankbaits and plastics. The Temple Bar is area is providing good action for striped bass as well as the largemouth and smallmouth variety. The stripers are on the small side but the numbers are big. Bluegill and sunfish are showing up as well.


LAKE MEAD – Anglers are finding a smorgasbord of fish action with a multi-species bite taking place. Everything from catfish to striped bass and largemouth bass to smallies are hitting baits. Most striped bass action is being provided by fish on the small side, about 1.5 to 3 pounds. Anglers in the Overton Arm and Temple Bar areas are catching large numbers of fish while fishing remains sluggish in the Hemenway area.Trolling and stillfishing with cut bait have been productive for stripers while crankbaits,Rat-L Traps, and plastics are catching all three of the lake’s bass species.


Plastics are catching both largemouth and smallmouth bass. One lucky angler reeled in a 4.5-pound largemouth bass near Temple Bar. The fish hit a hard jerkbait. Folks at Temple Bar Marina report the best action in the upper lake has been seen between mile markers 42 to 45, though the stripers are trending to the skinny side. Spinnerbaits and crankbaits continue to be somewhat effective. Fishing guide Jim Goff reports that shad have come into the shallows to spawn and the striped bass action has picked up in the Vegas Wash area.  In the Hemenway area anglers are catching a few stripers while fishing at night.


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# HookedAZ 2012-04-18 10:49
New Fish Report: Overall the fishing has been tough at this popular fishery. Anglers are looking forward to some respite from the spring winds. Plastics are catching both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Spinnerbaits and crankbaits have taken fish as well. Striper action is slow, but the Vegas Wash area continues to give up a few small fish to anglers using cut bait or trolling. -NDOW
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# HookedAZ 2012-04-14 15:37
Fishing report from NDOW april 10th

LAKE MEAD – Striper action remains slow but has shown signs of picking up in

the Overton Arm. Fish in the Echo Bay area are averaging about three pounds. Cut

anchovies and sardines fished near the bottom are catching the fish. Smallmouth and

largemouth bass have moved up in the shallows to spawn and are bending rods. The

winning bag in Saturday’s Ultimate Bass team tournament included a 5.5-pound fish

that pushed the total bag weight to 21 pounds.
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