Patagonia Lake Arizona

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Fishing At Patagonia Lake Arizona.

Besides being a favorite for boaters in the southern half of the state, Patagonia Lake is also a fisherman's paradise. In the winter it receives regular stockings of rainbow trout.

Besides the rainbow trout you can also expect to catch catfish, largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish and bluegill. Patagonia Lake stands at an elevation of 4,050 feet above sea level, so despite relatively warm summers, you can expect it to be a few degrees cooler than Tucson.

In patagonia Lake you never know exactly what's tugging at the end of your line. One time, a night fisherman using a seven-inch pumpkin-colored Berkley Power Worm caught a 12-pound, 6-ounce largemouth bass. On another occasion, an angler brought in a 41-pound flathead catfish, proving that there are a lot of big fish in Patagonia lake.

During the fall, Patagonia Lake will often do what's called "tuning"-the water exposed to the colder weather on top will condense, become heavier than the "warm" water on the bottom, and the lake will become turbulent as the water swaps positions. When this happens, you can usually tell as the lake will be severely stained, and it will almost look like someone has stirred a huge soup caldron. Look for lots of moss and weeds floating, and at that time expect the bass to retreat to a depth of 20 or 30 feet and develop a sudden case of lockjaw. -G.J. Sagi, from the essential travel handbook Fishing Arizona

Patagonia Lake Fishing Report

Map of Patagonia Lake Arizona

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Directions to Patagonia Lake Arizona

I-10 south to Sonoita on the 83 the west on the 82. Use the map above.

Information for Patagonia Lake Arizona
Consumption Advisory Yes there is a alert for Patagonia Lake. To view the alert read this Game and Fish report.
Restrictions/Season of Use Open all year
GPS Latitude: 31° 29' 37.23"N Longitude: 110° 51' 19.82"W
Land Ownership Patagonia State Park
Tournament this week No
Elevation The elevation at Patagonia Lake is 4050 ft feet, Desert/ sonoran terrain
Max Surface Acers 260 on average
Spawning Season spring for largemouth, stocked with rainbows in the winter
River lake Impounds Sonoita Creek
Water Temp Patagonia Lake is a warm body or water. Read the article above about the water changing
Average Depth The average depth for Patagonia Lake is 90 ft
Road Condition Paved
Fly Fishing You can fly fish at Patagonia Lake
Bait Fishing You can bait fish at Patagonia Lake
Access Fee Yes you pay there
Tonto Pass No
Bag Limit As posted
Boats to Rent Yes
Licenses for Sale Yes
Swimming Yes
Camping Yes
Drinking Water No
Barrier free Access Yes
Restrooms Yes
Trailer Spaces Yes
Electricity Yes
Boat & Engine Restrictions Any Motor size
Launching Area Yes
Water Skiing Yes you can water ski at Patagonia in designated areas
Cleaning Stations  
Phone Number for Water Level (602) 542-4174.
Marinas No
Ranger Station Tucson Game and Fish (520) 628-5376
Ranger District Tucson Game and Fish (520) 628-5376
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