Arizona Rivers

AZ River guide

If you're looking to fish Arizona year-round, learn the rivers. Our rivers make the majority of our lakes/reservoirs and hold nearly every species of fish in Arizona. You can fly fish year round for trout and enjoy bass fishing in 66 degree water on a 115 degree day if you know where. To get a good idea of our river system view this Interactive Rivers and Creeks Map.

View the River's Page Below to see current flows and fishing spots.

Black River AZ
Black River
Blue River AZ
Blue River
Colorado River AZ
Colorado River
Gila River AZ
Gila River
Little Colorado River AZ
Little Colorado River
Salt River AZ
Salt River
Verde River AZ
Verde River
White River AZ
White River


Smaller Rivers:

Zuni River
San Fransico River
Bill Williams River
San Pedro River
Virgin River

Santa Cruz River