Prescott National Forest Lakes and Rivers

Willow Lake in Prescott ArizonaComprised of about 1.25 million acres, the Prescott borders three other National Forests in Arizona: Kaibab, Coconino, and Tonto. Roughly half of the forest lies west of the city of Prescott, Arizona, in the Juniper, Santa Maria, Sierra Prieta, and Bradshaw Mountains. The other half of the Forest lies east of Prescott and takes in the Black Hills, Mingus Mountain, Black Mesa, and the headwaters of the Verde River. Most of the lakes in the town of Prescott do not fall in the Prescott National Forest; most of them are owned and operated by the city of Prescott. See the list below for clarification.

There are plenty of places to fish in the Prescott. You can expect to catch a variety of bass, catfish and some of Prescott’s stocked lakes hold trout. A few of the Prescott area lakes including Watson and Willow are surrounded by unique granite mountains you will not find anywhere else in the state so be sure and take a camera.

Map of Prescott National forest

prescott ranger districts prescott ranger districts
Images From The Prescott National Forest

Lakes in Prescott

On the Prescott National Forest

  • Lynx Lake
    This is a popular trout fishing spot that is regularly stocked.
  • Verde River
    The Verde River has warm water species such as bass and catfish.

Owned by the city of Prescott

Fore more information visit the Prescott National Forest Web Site

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