Colorado River

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  • Path of the Colorado River
    The Colorado River path runs from the snow melt of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado all the way to the gulf of California. The first reservoir it creates is Lake Powell on the Utah Arizona border from Glen Canyon Dam. The next major Reservoir it creates is Lake Mead on the Nevada Arizona border with the Hoover Dam. The Virgin River, one of the tributaries of the Colorado River flows in at the north most corner of Lake Mead and the Little Colorado River drains in the far western side of Lake Mead . Heading south, the main flow then creates Lake Mohave with the Davis Dam. The next reservoir is Lake Havasu created by the Parker Dam. The Colorado continues down to Yuma creating the border for Arizona and California. What's left of the river at that point goes into Mexico eventually reaching the Sea of Cortez in the gulf of California. Some water may go into the Gila River. Before the river reaches Mexico it creates numerous wildlife refuges and some of the best fishing in the state.

    Fishing the Colorado River
    The Colorado River holds cold water and warm water species. In the upper regions of the Colorado River near the Utah border you can catch trout. Lee's Ferry is probably the most sought after place on the Colorado to fish for naturally occurring rainbow trout. From Lake Mead down to Yuma you catch catch a variety of warm water fish including: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, sunfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, bullhead, bluegill, carp, tilapia. The Colorado also hold some salt water imports such as mullet and striped bass. Arizona Residents need a valid fishing license for the Colorado River AZ side. If you want to hop over to the other side and fish the California or Nevada side you can get a Colorado River stamp for 3 bucks. Fishing license for the Colorado River for non residents are available on either state. In Arizona you can just get the one day fishing license for about 17 bucks and for residents about a buck less. You can visit the game and fish department for exact details on the licenses at or view this Arizona Fishing Rules PDF. Here is a PDF from the State of California on boating safty tips on the Colorado River.

    Interactive Arizona River's Map.

    Forks of the Colorado River
    Tributaries and Secondary Rivers
    Major Reservoirs of the Colorado River
    Smaller Fishing Spots and Lakes of the Colorado River
    Note: These waters along the Colorado River are descending south from Lake Powell to Yuma

    South of Lake Powell Locations Water Level River Flows
    South of Mead River Locations Water Level, River Flows
    South of Mohave Locations Water Level, Flows
    South of Havasu and Parker Strip Locations Water Level, Flows
    Blythe To Yuma Locations Water Level, Flows "Imperial Dam"
    Colorado River Flows
    Water Levels and Flows From the USGS. For more gauged locations along the Colorado River or To check the water level of any river in AZ Visit this Water Level for Arizona Page.

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