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  • Fishing the Verde River
    The Verde River holds some of the best fishing in the state from it's beginning in Chino Valley all the way down to its end at the Salt River. The Verde River consist of its main flow from the Big Chino Aquifer and the East Fork Verde River that runs from the Mogollon Rim. The upper reaches of the Verde River hold excellent smallmouth fishing. From outside of Chino Valley all the way to Sheep's Crossing. You can expect to catch nice sized smallmouth, largemouth, Channel catfish, crappie, sunfish and a variety of suckers. As the Verde drops lower in elevation below Sheep's Crossing "Sheep's Bridge", it creates Horeshoe Reservoir and Bartlett Reservoir. Both are great for largemouth bass. Below Bartlett the Game and Fish Department stocks Rainbow trout in the cooler seasons.

    Tributaries of the Verde River
    The Verde River has numerous tributaries all accessible near the town of Camp Verde Including:
    Map of the Verde River
    View this interactive Map of Arizona Rivers and Turn on the Verde River button at the Top and it will show you the path and tributaries

    Boating Kayaking Canoeing
    The Verde River is considered a "Wild and Scenic River". Along with great fishing the Verde hold intense white water river adventures. Some class IV and V rapids are present in Verde Falls near Childs. Be sure and view this Verde River Boaters Guide if you plan on canoeing or kayaking the Verde River.

    This site has the water flow for every spot of the Verde River:

    This site has the Verde River Flows in Real Time and every other river and creek in Arizona

    More Information
    This Verde River pdf contains information for:

    Verde River Watershed or Where the Verde River Starts
    Stream Flow Characteristics
    Perennial Stream Reaches and annual flows
    Reservoirs of the Verde River

    This Verde River Pdf contains Information for:

    Ecosystem Biology
    Land use
    Critical Storm flow
    Average Base flow
    Timeline History and lots more

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  1. HookedAZ
    "(throughout Verde Valley)"
    – Trout were last stocked the week of November 14th and are tentatively scheduled for this week, the week of December 12th. The largemouth bass that Troy caught on the day of the super moon was an exception to the normal size of the bass caught around there. The smallmouth bass and catfish bite has slowed but the bass that are caught are on the small side and you can keep all you catch. Bring a variety of bait so you can change if the bite is absent.

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