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HookedAZ.com is here to make your fishing experience better! Therefore we encourage you to copy and print our material for a personal use or a guide. The information on this site is under strict copyright laws. HookedAZ.com has permission to use certain information from publishers and authors such as American Traveler Press, G.J. Sagi, Wayne Gustavson and Lees Ferry Anglers. The paragraphs in this site that are not sighted by the Arizona Game and Fish Department or the U.S. Forest Service are under copyright. The images with captions may not be taken and used elsewhere without permission from HookedAZ.com. We also encourage you not to post material other than your own to the site or if you do so to site it.

Spam: The forums and comments area are "no follow" so if you want to promote a site, we have a link page that has fishing related external links. Send me a email with the link you want in there and if it is related to fishing I will put it in there.

User Profiles: User profile are marked "public" by default. Information you add to your profile may be crawled by search engines and index on the internet. In other words if there is something that would make you look bad or that you don't want on the internet, don't add it to your profile. The profiles for the authors on this site are maintained by HookedAZ.com as a way to site there material although they do have direct access to the accounts they are not reflections of the individual or the organization.


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