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  1. HookedAZ
    From Mohave Daily news 2/25/2017 "The striper action is holding steady at Lake Mohave but fishing elsewhere is a tad on the slow side. That’s the news from Rusty Braun, proprietor of Riviera Marina in Bullhead City and provider of the area...
  2. Jose
    Anyone know what she caught it with?
  3. Tom
  4. Seabass
  5. HookedAZ
    Cool vid just released at Mohave of That Kid Niko catching bass. Check it out! [MEDIA]
  6. HookedAZ
    Cool vid fishing the lower salt river with some underwater footage from Christopher Nostrand. [MEDIA]
  7. HookedAZ
    Tempe town lake currently running over the dam. SRP released the water from upstream – the upper Salt River and Verde River – allowing it to flow through Tempe Town Lake and into the normally dry river channel. [IMG]
  8. HookedAZ
    The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been using a crane on a 36-foot pontoon boat to sink fish habitat — critical to anglers' fishing opportunities — into lakes along the Salt River chain in central Arizona....
  9. HookedAZ
    High flows from Bartlett Lake likely this weekend Increased run-off from snow melt due to warmer weather, coupled with a storm forecast for this weekend, could result in releases between 5,000 and 10,000 cfs out of Bartlett Lake this weekend....
  10. Tom.
  11. HookedAZ
    Vid of some guys fishing Crystal Gardens. [MEDIA]
  12. HookedAZ
    By: Max Wilson The upper portion of Silver Creek fished great over the weekend. People were doing really well on egg patterns and small midges. One of my buddies even managed to pull out this big guy on a Tenkara Rod– not bad for his first fish...
  13. HookedAZ
    Watson and Willow are near capacity from the latest storm.
  14. HookedAZ
    Watson and Willow are currently near capacity
  15. HookedAZ
    Watson and Willow are currently near capacity