Blue River

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  • The Blue River in Arizona does not consist of forks but many small creeks as it runs from the bottom of the San Francisco River near Alpine then meeting up with the San Francisco River again about 30 miles south near Clifton. The Blue River takes a small detour and goes through New Mexico near the northern end. Be sure to have a New Mexico fishing license if you enter their state. Also there are many private homes and ranches along the Blue River so be careful and read posted keep out signs. The Blue River is most popular with fly fisherman in Arizona. Reports have shown the river holds brown, apache, hybridized apache-rainbow and rainbow trout. It's possible you catch a brook trout as well.

    The Blue River is located on the Apache-Sitreaves National forest of Arizona. Although its in the White Mountains its not on the White Mountain indian reservation. So what you need is a valid fishing license from the Arizona Game and Fish with a trout stamp.Campers may set up at established sites Upper Blue, Blue Crossing or KP Cienega to the south.

    Flows and Water Level
    To check the flows of the Blue River AZ to see it's water level pull up this page from the USGS.This particular spot is monitored near Clifton. The water level of the Blue River and it's tributaries depend on snow fall.

    Major Tributaries and Creeks of the Blue River
    • Campbell Blue Creek "Northern tributary"
    • KP Creek "Southern tributary"

      Other Smaller Creeks of the Blue River.
    • Pigeon Creek
    • Dutch Blue Creek
    • Little Blue Creek
    • Thomas Creek
    • Rosensock Creek
    • Squaw Creek
    • Strayhorse Creek
    • Raspberry Creek
    • Mckittrick Creek
    • Grant Creek
    • Cienega Creek
    • Lamphier Canyon
    • Indian Creek
    • Dry Blue Creek
    • Pace Creek
    • Castle Creek
    • Coleman Creek
    • Buckalou Creek
    • Cienega Creek
    • Foote Creek
    • Bush Creek
    Map - Directions to Blue River Arizona
    The Blue River basically runs parallel to the 191. Directions depending on were your coming from and whether your going to the north end or south end. You can use one of our interactive maps to get exact direction to print up. Interactive Rivers of Arizona Map.

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  1. AGFD bio
    Only the northern (upper) reaches and tributaries of the Blue River are cold enough for trout, the southern (lower) reaches and tributaries are too warm. Best streams to fish in Blue drainage include upper Blue, lower Campbell Blue, lower Coleman Creek, Grant Creek, Lanphier Creek, and Castle Creek. The rest either have extremely little water (mostly dry reaches), no fish, or are too warm for trout. Correct about brown, hybrid Apache, and rainbow trout, but no brook trout in the Blue drainage. Also correct about needing a state fishing license, but the trout stamp program no longer exists. Only the license is needed.