Point of Pines Lake

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  • Point of Pines Lake is not what you'd expect in an area typically associated with a dry climate. The lake is on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation atop the Natanes Rim at elevation of 6,00 feet, and it is one of the most pristine lakes in the entire Southwest.

    Reaching this 30-acre lake can be a real challenge, especially if you are foolish, like I was, and go in early April. The road can be a muddy mess that time of year (and during monsoon season) and a four-wheel-drive vehicle is a must. The next time I visited Point of Pines, in June, it was much better. Any high-clearance, two-wheel-drive vehicle could have negotiated the trail easily.

    Although Point of Pines in not known for huge fish, it's a pretty safe bet you'll leave with a couple of trophies for the frying pan. Three-and 4 pounders aren't uncommon. In fact, in the 90s the San Carlos Game and Fish Department reported 20-inch brown trout were becoming a regular occurrence. Rainbow trout are the main species, although you never know what to expect from one year to the next.. -G.J Sagi, from the essential travel handbook Fishing Arizona


    I visited Point of Pines on May 30 2010 for the first time. It is a very pristine lake and a very good camping spot. There were familys fishing from the shore with worms and men out on boats working cowbells. My buddy pulled in a small rainbow with a cowbell trolling at low speeds. People were not caching a ton of fish here but I did see about 5 small rainbows come out of the lake that day. I hooked my fish finder up and found about two spots were there were stationary trout at about eight feet and one spot on the east side of the lake along a cliff were there were large fish registery at about 25 feet just along the clif. One registered at 10 lbs on the finder maybe a lunker or a sunken coolchest.
  • Phone Numbers for more information::
    San Carlos Apache Tribe Recreation & Wildlife P.O. Box 97 1-888-475-2344 FAX 928-475-2701 sales@scatrwd.com
    Restrictions/Season of Use:
    late spring through summer
    Road Conditions:
    Paved to washboard to rocky dirt dirt roads around the lake
    Land Ownership:
    Point of Pines Lake is owned by the San Carlos Apache Tribe
    Ranger Station/District:
    San Carlos Apache Tribe Recreation & Wildlife P.O. Box 97 1-888-475-2344 FAX 928-475-2701
    Entrance Fees/Permits:
    You will need a permit to enter the San Carlos Apache Reservation. For a list of vendors view this list
    6000 feet
    Max Surface Acres:
    Average Depth:
    15 to 20, Point of Pines is pretty much a steady 25 feet right throught the middle of the lake all the way to the dam.
    Bag Limit:
    This is the bag limit from Point of Pines ( right next to Point of Pines Lake, most likely the same) Trout 10; Bass 10; Catfish 25; and Crappies 25 per day or in possession. Persons under the age of 12 may fish without a permit only if they are accompanied by an adult holding a valid reservation fishing permit. The bag and possession limit for persons under the the age of 12 is half of that of a permit holder.
    Boat/Engine Restrictions:
    No signs posted but you will only need an electric, its a quit little lake and your going to look lake a jerk if you start up a motor here
    Boats to Rent:
    Theres no signs that say you cant swim at Point of Pines
    Yes There is one campground in the back of the lake and just one spot were you can pull your vehicle up to the lake to camp. You can park for the day along the shore around the lake but you can't camp. The ranger will be there first thing in the morning so don't attempt it
    Barrier free Access:
    Trailer Spaces:
    No hookup but some space in the back of the lake
    Launching Area:
    Water Skiing:
    Cleaning Stations:
    No marinas at Point of Pines Lake
  • The best way to get to Point of Pines is to take U.S. Route 70 east from Globe, turn north on Indian Route 8 and bear left at the dirt road (north), still on Indian Route 8 toward the dominating rim. Much of this road is dirt, although the short section that crosses Natanes Rim is pave.

    There are a number of turnoffs as you ascend the Rim, and in all but the worst weather, you'll be treated to a view that extends for Hundreds of miles, not to mention unparalleled sunsets. Once over the Rom, you drop down into the town of Service location. There is no gas, food or lodging, so be sure to have everything and everybody filled up before you leave.

    From the town, just follow the signs. Take your time, since the wild turkey population is pretty healthy, and you'll doubtless see or hear a gobbler or two. -G.J Sagi, from the essential travel handbook Fishing Arizona

    The main road off Hwy 70 that takes you up the rim to Point of Pines is Indian Route 8 just after mile post 276 on the 70. You will go north on this paved road till about mile post 48 "or 48 miles" then the road turns to a washboard. There will be a sign for Point of Pines Lake to the left after about 5 miles. That road is washboard for about 2 miles then it turns bad as it takes you around the lake. A high clearence vehicle will do fine.

    - Tom

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