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Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussions' started by Dan, Oct 23, 2016.

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  1. Dan

    Dan Lurker

    Good Day,
    My name is Dan and I live just south of Tucson. I have done a lot of fishing and usually fish the Southern "ponds" Arivaca, Pena Blanca, Patagonia.
    azgfd is good, but I am glad to have found a group to join and hopefully provide information for anyone interested fishing out here, or night fishing.
    I am getting ready to go to Patagonia, although chances are low anyone will respond before tomorrow night, has anyone been there recently?
    I will post some pics and report when I return next week. Again, glad to be here, and happy fishing!
  2. Nick

    Nick Lurker

    Hi Dan,

    Sorry I missed your post. Wasn't getting the notifications. Welcome to the site. How did you do?
  3. susanna zane

    susanna zane Lurker

    NICE BASS!!!!!! where did you catch her at?
  4. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

    That looks like the Verde River kinda. Thats a fatty. I've been killing it at Rosy the last few weeks.
  5. Hi guys!
    New to the forums, My name is Zach! Been fishing a good majority of my childhood in Colorado.. i moved out here to AZ in 2005. Fell in love with the fishing scene here! I'm going to try and cover a lot of the Phoenix areas' Urban lakes and ponds. A few "how to" videos, as well as coverage of CRAWFISH trapping! Thanks and keep me posted if anyone wants to know about Urban areas!

  6. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

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