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    Below is the basic information about being a contributer to this site.

    1 article = base price ranges from $5-20, price and will be agreed on in the forum prior to you writing it. Author also gets $.005 per unique visitor bonus to the articles base pa, so 1000 readers would be 5.00 in addition to the base price. Total visits are paid out at 3 months after submission. All new articles will be shared in the weekly news letter that goes to 200 members, posted on the hookedaz.com facebook page with 500 followers, twitter, and listed on the site home page that gets 600+ visits per day. The cap on payout per article is $200.00. We are looking for videos as well. If you would like to make a video tutorial, demonstration etc. We will pay you for that as well. Please do not add material of copyright to the videos such as a song by the Beatles in the background. We cannot upload the video to youtube if it does. So please ask questions before doing videos.

    • If you want to become a content contributor, you will need to agree to the content writer agreement below (just reply back in the email “I agree”) stating that once you sell us the article we have rights to it.
    • Create yourself an account at http://www.hookedaz.com/register.html with a quick bio about yourself and if you do facebook follow our page at http://facebook.com/hookedaz so you can share your articles to your friends to get more readers.
    • For topics to write about, we will use this forum to share ideas for new topics and get your ideas approved. Each week I will also list the budget for that week as to how many articles I need and put a price on them.http://www.hookedaz.com/Forums/forum/Ho … Writers-9/
    • Send me your billing information creedcold@gmail.com . You can either give me your paypal address or physical street address to be mailed a check.

    How to write a quality article

    Arizona fishing related articles are preferred. We also want Arizona outdoor related articles. For example, an article on the creation of Roosevelt Dam would be a great article. Gold panning when the fishings slow would be one. The articles I want the most are tutorials related to fishing. An article with a video of you at the lake showing how to fish spinner bait would be the best. General fishing articles are the best. An article on a Arizona ghost town would be ok but would be better if it was related to fishing or Arizona waterways.

    These articles should be at least 5 paragraphs of text. You can put images and in the articles. Get you tube videos approved first. Just put the link to the video or image you want to use in the word doc. The docs will be sent tocreedcold@gmail.com not pasted in the forums.

    Date: 4/11/2012
    From: hookedaz.com
    Subject: Content Writer Agreement
    I am pleased to offer you an opportunity to become one of hookedaz.com’s content writers. This letter agreement is a contract so please read it carefully. If you wish to become one of our content writers on the terms in this letter agreement, then execute and return this letter. Once received, you will be eligible to submit articles/content to us. As a hookedaz.com content writer, you may submit original articles to us for Arizona outdoor related topics. You agree to use your own words in article and that the articles are all original content. Articles you submit to us are not to be reproduces in any way. We do encourage you to link to the article on our website. We agree to identify you as the content writer for each article you write. We agree to pay you for each article you submit to us that we publish. Videos: if you send me a video, you are giving me the writes to put it on youtube and other video channels.

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