San Carlos Lake

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  1. I was told San Carlos had a fish kill is that true? Also does anyone have a report on the water level and is it open? thanks Slopes
  2. not much help here guess i need to go on a road trip thanks guys
  3. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

    Haven't heard anything about a kill off up at San Carlos but might want to check with their game and fish department before heading out. 888-475-2344. Good Luck.
  4. Only small catfish and carp survived. The water level is still low.
  5. Well San Carlos is dead.. They had a power outage at the damn and could not control the water.. The lake is nothing more than a mud puddle now and all the fish are dead according to the ranger station.

    What a freaking shame..
  6. Nick Noyes

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    I didn't even here anything like this. That sucks. Maybe that's why the Black River is low via Tick Flats? Fishing is still awesome thou....
  7. Nick Noyes

    Nick Noyes Lurker

    Where did you get this info from? That sucks so bad! Where any other rivers, lakes etc. affected?

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