San Carlos

Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussions' started by Tim Joens, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. Tim Joens

    Tim Joens Lurker

    Was thinking about making a trip out but the lake looks really low on google maps. Any luck?
  2. I was just up there and it's still low, but up from what it was during the kill off.. I called the ranger station and they said they took a fish survey and did not find a single crappie or bass.. But I can tell you the lake is still full of carp and very small catfish.. It's gonna take about 2yrs to get San Carlos back to where it was.
  3. Nick Noyes

    Nick Noyes Lurker

    Hi Tjoens, That sucks about San Carlos:( Dude if you have 2x2 truck try the Black River via Tick Flats. It's a 4x4 road but if you go slow a 2x2 is fine. The fishing is great and its quit! Give it chance and I'll promises you'll never go anywhere ells!

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