where to fish on black river that is non reservation

Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussions' started by Chaz Nelson, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. Chaz Nelson

    Chaz Nelson Lurker

    I'm semi new to fishing, only a couple years under my belt and I mostly fish Canyon Lake or the salt river. I'm looking for a new spot to fish for better chances to catch and bigger size as well. I have been told about the Black River but I don't know if its reservation or costs a fee. If any free spots are on the Black River I'd like to know. And I know honey holes are kind of your own but if anyone has any honey holes on the black they would like to share that would be cool too thanks [​IMG]
  2. Nick Noyes

    Nick Noyes Lurker

    Basically anywhere you drop your line in the Black River is a honey hole. I go to Tick Flats " Black River same thing" $25.00 dollars a day. Covers camping and fishing. I don't know of any free spots?? I wish...lol I went Feb. 25 2013 and it was AWESOME!! Caught 15 20 small mouth bass in 2hrs. Just one after one. Ranged from 1lbs to 3,4 lbs. Go upstream (east) and catch the big ass brown trout. So good! Browns I caught were 2,3lbs 12inch. long...Beautiful color. I want to go right now just talking about it...lol Well be good brotha and good luck!

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