Why so much effort stocking trout at desert lakes and rivers?

Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussions' started by Jak Wow, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. Jak Wow

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    Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this but it seems like the game and fish department is pushing trout fishing too much.

    Was just reading this article that says "According to the state Game and Fish Department (AZGF), Colorado River stakeholders have expressed interest in reducing bag limits for the region’s trout because of an increase in the fish’s popularity among Arizona and Nevada anglers. The department says that it is necessary to reduce bag limits to allow more anglers an opportunity to catch trout in Arizona’s waters."

    I mean yeah it's cool you can catch a trout on a few spots of the Colorado River, but come on, do we really need to have them in every desert lake like Apache, Saguaro etc. Why not stock more bass or warm water species in those lakes? I remember a few years back at Ashurst Lake near Flagstaff, they wanted to get all the Norther Pike out of the lake because they were eating all the trout. I would much rather have a lake with a bunch of Northern Pike. There's only a few lakes were you can catch those.

    Personally, if I'm going trout fishing, I'm going to want to go up north and fish in the higher elevation lakes. It's not like I'm feeding my family from my trout catchings daily. Maybe that's why I don't agree with it, I rarely eat what I catch.

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