Ashurst Lake Arizona

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Ashurst Lake AZ is located about twenty minutes south of Flagstaff off Lake Mary Rd. If you want to cautch rainbow trout or Northern Pike Ashurst Lake offers action from the shore or from a boat. You can try your luck with spoons or waterdogs from a boober for Northern Pike and watever there biting on that day for the trout. There is a little trailer right when you enter Ashurst lake that sells trout bait, small tackle and refreshment. I've herd the south side of the lake in the tall grass is were the most action is, but the lake is so small you might just try walking around it and fishing it all.

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Map of Ashurst Lake Arizona

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Directions to Ashurst Lake Arizona

To get directions to Ashurst Lake you can use the interactive map above. Basically to get to Ashurst lake out of Phoenix you have two choices. You can take I17 all the way to Flagstaff and then go south on Lake Mary Rd about 20 right to the lake. Or you can take the 87 out of Phoenix to Lake Mary Rd. Theres also a pretty scenic drive to Ashurst Lake if you take the I17 to Camp Verde get on the 260 East. Take the 260 East to the 87 north to Lake Mary Rd. All of the Routes I listed to Ashurst Lake do not require a truck or 4 wheel drive.

Information for Ashurst Lake Arizona
Consumption Advisory There is currently no consumption advisory for Ashurst Lake
Restrictions/Season of Use Ashurst Lake is open all year
GPS 35 01' 14.9N 111 24' 27.3W
Land Ownership Ashurst lake is owned by the USFS Coconino National Forest
Tournament this week No
Elevation 7100 Feet
Max Surface Acers When at it's full capacity Ashurst lake is about 200 acres with approximately 3 miles of shore line.
Spawning Season The spawning seasons vaires for Ashurst Lake but it is stock with trout throughout the summer months frequently.
River lake Impounds Ashurst Lake is one of the only natural lakes in Arizona.
Water Temp The water tempressure for Ashurst lake is below 32 degrees in the winter and fall and never rises much higher than the 60's in summer.
Average Depth 20 Feet
Road Condition The roads of the main highway are all gravle to Ashurst Lake and well maintaned.
Fly Fishing You can fly fish at Ashurst lake for trout.
Bait Fishing You can bait fish at Ashurst lake. Worms work well for trout and people also use waterdogs for the Pike.
Access Fee There is no access fee for entering Ashurst Lake.
Tonto Pass You do not need a Tonto Pass for Ashurst Lake.
Bag Limit ?
Boats to Rent There is nowere to rent boats at Ashurst Lake, but there is nearby about twenty minutes away in downtown Flagstaff.
Licenses for Sale There is nowere to by a license at Ashurst Lake but you can pick one up at WallMart in downtown Flagstaff.
Swimming You would not want to swim in Ashurst lake because its freezing cold, murky and full of weeds in shallow water.
Camping Ashurst Lake has a nice campground for tents and travel vehicles about 150 ft away from the water.
Drinking Water There is not a bulk freshwater supply but there is a snack and bait tralier that may carry bottled drinking water and sodas.
Barrier free Access You can get your vehicle close but there is a rock border preventing you from reaching the shore. You can get withing 20 ft on the north end.
Restrooms Yes there are restrooms at Ashurst Lake.
Trailer Spaces Yes there are trailer spaces at Ashurst Lake.
Electricity No
Boat & Engine Restrictions Your limited to a 10 horse motor at Ashurst Lake.
Launching Area There is a lauching are at Ashurst Lake that i believe is paved.
Water Skiing No water skiing at Ashurst Lake.
Cleaning Stations No
Phone Number for Water Level  
Marinas No marinas at Ashurst Lake
Bait Shops You will see multiple baits shops
Ranger Station 4773 S. Lake Mary Rd. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 774-1147
Ranger District Ashurst Lake is in the Coconino Forest's Mormon Lake Ranger Distric
Boat Rental Stores  
Launching Sites Theres only one lauching site at Ashurst Lake.
General Stores  


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Attractions and Services near Ashurst Lake Arizona

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# Edward 2013-05-14 15:52
Just spent five days there My wife drove up separately from me so she could return to work.

During the five days I caught about 10 all together using rainbow power bait. It was quite windy and it tore up my awning. The fish I caught were about 10 inches long. In other web sites I see that they say "There is a place to buy bait and soft drinks, water" There was no such place.
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# HookedAZ 2012-11-08 17:40
Not enough to walk onto and fish. Ashurst Lake is definitely not for ice fishing. In the new game and fish book, it says that you may be able to fish from shore at times during the winter if the roads are not bad.
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# Brad carstens 2012-11-05 14:04
Does ashurst freeze during the winter??
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