Picacho Reservoir

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Fishing At Picacho Reservoir Lake Arizona.

Note: Picacho Lake/Reservoir has been reported dry in the reviews below:

Conveniently located in the heart of Arizona, Picacho Reservoir can offer some of the best bass fishing in the entire state. While record-breaking heat may drive many anglers from its water, those who brave the soaring temperatures regularly return with stories of broken rods, incredible hits and catches of up to twenty fish a day, including some in the 5-pound class.

Arizona fishermen rarely talk about Picaho Reservoir. Instead they deliberately "forget" all about its productive depths. They hope the unmarked route will remain unmarked. An hour north of Tucson and only 12 miles from Casa Grande, this lake could well be area anglers' best-kept secret. -G.J. Sagi, from the essential travel handbook Fishing Arizona

Picacho Reservoir Lake Fishing Report


Map of Picacho Reservoir Lake Arizona

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Directions to Picacho Reservoir Lake Arizona

I-10 to 87 and follow it for about 8 miles. East on Selma. After you cross the railroad tracks, turn right and you will see it.

Information for Picacho Reservoir Lake Arizona
Consumption Advisory . To view the alert read this Game and Fish report.
Restrictions/Season of Use Open all year
GPS Latitude: 32° 50' 51.66"N Longitude:111° 29' 1.32"W
Land Ownership This lake was part of the San Carlos Irrigation Project
Tournament this week No
Elevation The elevation at Picacho Reservoir Lake is 1500 ft
Max Surface Acers 50 on average
Spawning Season spring for largemouth
River lake Impounds  
Water Temp Picacho Reservoir Lake is a warm body or water. Read the article above about the water changing
Average Depth The average depth for Picacho Reservoir Lake is 10 ft
Road Condition

Paved to dirt

Fly Fishing You can fly fish at Picacho Reservoir Lake
Bait Fishing You can bait fish at Picacho Reservoir Lake
Access Fee  
Tonto Pass No
Bag Limit As posted
Boats to Rent No
Licenses for Sale No
Swimming No
Camping Yes
Drinking Water No
Barrier free Access  
Restrooms Yes
Trailer Spaces  
Electricity No
Boat & Engine Restrictions any size
Launching Area  
Water Skiing No
Cleaning Stations No
Phone Number for Water Level Game and Fish (602)79-3701
Marinas No
Ranger Station Game and Fish (602)79-3701
Ranger District Tucson Game and Fish (520) 628-5376
Comments: If you find any of the about information to have been updated or wrong, let us know. Email info@HookedAZ.com or just post the correction in the forum below. Thank You.


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Attractions and Services near Picacho Reservoir Lake Arizona

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# Glen 2015-10-02 15:14
In the chart above there is a missing number in the 602 phone number. For the ranger station and the water level number thanks
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# R4mbl3R 2015-02-15 09:47
Does anyone have updated information? Looks like it has been quite a while since there was a post, and the last post indicates that it may be dry.
If it is open and fishable, can someone give better directions for after you turn right after the RR tracks, and then are forced to turn left? Do you cross the bridge on the right or open the fence or...?
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# melanie 2016-01-14 13:31
there is no longer water therenothing but desert and cows
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# Jonathan Howell 2015-05-21 14:04
I live about 15 minutes away from the location. I have hiked all around there. There is no water back there. I would not waste your time.
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# jtucsonh 2015-05-21 14:03
I live about 10 miles from there. My friend and I had to track way back to get there. There is no water, I assure you.
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# cat8 2015-03-23 15:32
we just came back from traveling that ummm dirt road? it is not passable with a car or suv. four wheel drive if you dare. a lot of crevices leading into the running water. at one point (where we quit) someone put a pallet across a huge crevice. didn't dare go over it. i can't believe there isn't a civilized way to get into that resevoir
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# Mike Watson 2012-09-30 12:40
they drained the lake like 6-8 years ago and we're cleaning it out, it had become more of a sludge pit than a lake. the city planned to clean it out make it deeper and then fill it back up. They were making good progress on it for a while there and then just stopped for some reason... the lake is now fenced in completely, no way in...
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# HookedAZ 2012-02-26 02:04
Noted the lake as dry. Thank you for your feedback.
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# Chaz Martin 2012-02-20 14:01
Dont waist your time, There is no water, no fish, no sign of a lake. I drove all the way oout there based on the info from this and another site and both are as bogus as Picaho Res.
Reply | REPLY with quote | Quote
# mike hammons 2012-01-01 10:43
This "lake" is dry as a bone and has been for some time.
what other "info" on this web site is equally bogus?
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