Salt River

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Fishing the Salt River

The Salt River is created when the White and Black River come together in eastern Arizona. The Salt River is often refered to as having two parts: the Upper Salt River and the Lower Salt River . The Upper Salt River is the stretch north of Roosevelt Lake to the intersection of the White and Black River. The Lower Salt River "were everyone goes tubing" is refered to as the stretch from the bottom of Saguaro Lake to the last point you can fish before it reaches Tempe Town Lake. The Upper and Lower Salt River have excellent largemouth bass action. The Lower Salt is stocked with trout by the Arizona Game and Fish Department in the cooler seasons. You never know what you are going to catch at the Lower Salt River. It holds catfish, Taipei, largemouth, crappie and a variety of sunfish. The Upper Salt is more known for having great flathead and largemouth fishing.


The Lower Salt River is Located on the Tonto National Forest. If you go fishing, tubing, hiking or any kind of recreation that requires you to park, you need to get a Tonto Pass. You do not need a Tonto Pass if you tube with the Salt River Rec Tubing Company.


The Upper Salt River is located mostly on the Tonto National Forest as well, although just before you pass Hwy 77/60 you will be on reservation land that requires you to obtain a San Carlos or White Mountain fishing permit.


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Maps of the Salt River

Use this AZ Interactive Rivers and Creeks map to view the Salt River "turn on the Salt River button"

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