• Lake Havasu is part of the Colorado River created by the Davis Dam and home to the history London Bridge. The border of California and Arizona goes right through the middle of the lake so be sure to get a Colorado River fishing stamp for your fishing license before heading out to Havasu.

    Fishing Lake Havasu
    is second to none in Arizona for many natives. The water is crystal clear. You can see the bottom of the lake at 20 feet. Like many lakes on the Colorado River it is also popular for spear fishing. Lake Havasu City is hot but the water in the lake is nice and cold. You will see early spawning bass around late March and the action for small mouth last past April.

    Spring break at Havasu is known across the west as a top destination party spot, so keep that in mind that spring break for high school will start late March and by mid April. The lake will be a floating city of boats filled with booze and topless girls. That is a big plus for me and a lot of our members of course, but if you’re on a family trip, you may want plan around it. There is a lot of “recreation” going on at Lake Havasu that time of the year.

    There are plenty of bait shops and fishing tackle shops in the city so don’t feel like you have to go stock up on gear before heading out. The shops near the London Bridge have everything you need.

    Lake Havasu Bass Fishing
    Smallmouth Bass of Havasu
    Lake Havasu has to be one of the best places in Arizona to fish for smallmouth bass, big smallmouth bass! Head out to this lake in April. You'll get a chance to catch some big spawning smallmouth and see some of the left over girls from spring break. These smallmouths will bite on anything hopped across their spawning beds or weed piles they border. I've caught a few just trolling crank baits too. Pick up some plastic Yamamoto creatures that look like crawfish and some jig heads with big sharp hooks. Don’t cheap out on the hooks. These smallmouth at Havasu with through them right back in your face if you don’t set them well as you watch them swim away in the clear water. “picture of creatures and craws” also gallery of smallmouth. Click on the hook to start the slide show.


    other fish of Havasu
    Havasu also holds Largemouth bass, monster flathead catfish, crappie and channel catfish. There are some native fish to Havasu you see throughout the Colorado River Lakes including suckers.

    Record striped bass
    Stripers are one of the popular salt imports along with bullhead. Every other gas station around Lake Havasu has worms and anchovies if you’re looking to do some bait fishing for striped bass. Note you can also catch record striped bass trolling bigger rubber minnows.

    Lake Havasu Fishing Reports
    If you’re going to be fishing from the city limits in Havasu be prepared to pay for a campsite as shore camping is limited. There are a few spots on the island the London Bridge will take you to. The spot is called Site Six. It’s located on the north end of the island. Most spots I would recommend a four wheel drive vehicle to get to since you will be driving in mostly sand along the shoreline.

    You can ask around at the pro shops for a personal fishing report or checkout the Lake Havasu Fishing report from the game and fish site. I have been skunked there before, so get as many tactics lined up as you can. There is nothing worse that fishing in a spot you can clearly see there are no fish. Finding fish at Havasu is the first trick.

    There are a lot of fishing guides for Lake Havasu that know their way around the lake.

    The drive out to Lake Havasu is very scenic once you hit hwy 95 north off interstate 10 west. You’ll start seeing the river to your left as you enter the town of Parker then you’ll drive past the Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge. It’s about a two and a half hour drive from central phoenix.

  • Restrictions/Season of Use:
    Lake Havasu is open all year
    Road Conditions:
    Paved to the launching areas
    Land Ownership:
    The western shorline of Lake Havasu is California the east is Arizona. You will need a license from one of the two depending what side you are going to fish on. You can purchase a Colorado River stamp from the Game and Fish department to fish both.
    Entrance Fees/Permits:
    Not for the launch only for the campsites.
    The elevation at Lake Havasu is 1500 feet
    Max Surface Acres:
    River Lake Impounds:
    Colorado River
    Bag Limit:
    As Posted
    Boat/Engine Restrictions:
    Any size motor.
    Boats to Rent:
    Yes there are boats for rent.
    Barrier free Access:
    Yes but camping may be limited on these access points
    Trailer Spaces:
    Launching Area:
    Water Skiing:
    Cleaning Stations:
    Yes there are a few at Site Six
    Lake Havasu Marina is located right next to the Londo Bridge
  • Lake Havasu is off the 93 south of Kingman or north of Parker. Its about a two hour drive from Phoenix. Look at the map above or bring a navigator you can boss around to look at a map every 20 miles.

Recent User Reports and Reviews

  1. Jeff k
    Mar 9, 2017
    Lake level 91.5 percent full, 69+ degrees.

    A state record smallmouth bass was caught Thursday, Feb. 23.
  2. Reports
    "New state record smally caught this week"
    Feb 24, 2017

    Sue Nowak caught this 6.28 lb, 21 inches long and 17.25 inches wide bronzback fishing at Lake Havasu on Thursday. It's the new AZ state record smallmouth bass. The previous was also caught at Havasu.

    It was recorded at Havasu’s Bass Tackle Master Shop, at 260 London Bridge Road. Proof of the catch sent to AZGFD Friday morning.
  3. HookedAZ
    Dec 22, 2016
    Trout stocking has begun and the latest stocking was the week of November 6th. The next stocking is tentatively scheduled for the week of December 18th. The best bait is reported to be yellow and orange power bait and of course night crawlers. Try small spinner baits if the power baits are not working. Try swim baits for stripers, especially ones that look like trout. You can check the Bureau of Reclamation Web site for flow predictions http://www.usbr.gov/lc/riverops.html before you go. If you fish the river below Davis Dam and are having luck, please e-mail me at gcummins@azgfd.gov so I can share your successes with others. Many thanks to Rusty from the Riviera Marina for his fishing report.

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  1. HookedAZ
    I love to fish Havasu. This is my favorite place for smallmouth. Here is one from this year. I don't know if the stripes on the smallmouth bass mean its male or female but this one hardly had any.

  2. HookedAZ
    This is a cool catch of a good sized smallmouth bass from a crank bait we were trolling about 12 feet over there beds at Site Six.

  3. HookedAZ
    This was heart breaking.

  4. Jay
    I'm trying to locate a guide for a 1 day fishing trip in Lake Havasu as a birthday present for my father in law. I've checked the bait shops and they say there's no one available. Any help would be appreciated.