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Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussions' started by HookedAZ, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

    Looking for summer fishing tips, large mouth tutorials, small mouth tutorials etc. Open to any ideas.
  2. Staci Grady

    Staci Grady Lurker

    I'm not sure if you already have your quota for the month but I had two article ideas I wasn't so sure if you would want of not.
    One was kind of a beginners guide to AZ fishing; as in, easy places to learn that are well stocked or perhaps places that will help you learn to fish. just that sort of thing.
    another was one on camping sights in az. some more secluded ones or waterfront ones that would offer up some awesome az scenery etc.
    I'd really love your input and if you think i should tweak the ideas or have something totally different then let me know [​IMG]
  3. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

    yeah still looking for articles. Both sound like great ideas. Go ahead and do which ever one you like first. If we need more, I'll let you know on the 15th for the other. Thanks Staci.

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