Black River Arizona

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Lower Black River Ten o Diamonds

This page is an introduction to the Black River. This page forks into three pages to include:



For the off-road enthusiast who knows were to go, those areas are also home to some of the most secluded experiences to be found in the entire Southwest. Arizona's Black River runs all the way from near the New Mexico boarder, to central Arizona, where it finally joins the White River, tuning into the Salt River. -G.J Sagi, from the travel handbook Fishing Arizona



Anyone who has made the trip to the Black River will agree that it is an Arizona gem when it comes to ruggedness, fishing quality, and adventure. Known by many as "The Best Smallmouth Fishery in the State," the Black River will continuously keep your lines tight with the amazing aggressiveness and number of fish that inhabit it. Many people have their "secret spots," or favorite parts of the river where they return year after year, while others choose to explore and experience all parts of the river. - Ted Standage, from the the book The Lower Black River: An Outdoor Guide

Upper east and west forks and Lower Black River

Much of the Black Rivers remote regions wind through both the White Mountain and San Carlos Apache Indian reservations. The Lower Black River or main flow is considered from the beginning where it the main flow starts near the New Mexico border in the Apache-Sigreaves National Forest just southwest of Alpine. The Upper Black River consist of the east or sometimes called "north fork" and west fork. The east and west forks of the Black River are smaller in size compared to the Lower Black River where the eventually drain into.

Fish of the Black River

Trout are the main attraction at the west and east forks. You can expect to catch the native Apache Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout on the norm.

Smallmouth Bass are the main attraction of the Lower Black River although there are Channel Catfish, sunfish and some trout at higher elevations to the east.

Black River Flows and Directions can be viewed on the forks page:

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