Where to Fish in Arizona

You can use any of the following resources or tools listed below to navigate the waters of Arizona for fishing. This site includes more than 400 fishing locations in Arizona. Some of the locations are small fishing holes, creeks, rivers. This site includes the best fishing spots in Arizona, the worst, hard to find fishing holes, urban lakes, public and private lakes of Arizona, undocumented locations on reservation land, restricted fishing spots and fishing spots in other states that border Arizona but are accessible by boat from Arizona, such as Lake Powell or some of the lakes along the Colorado River.


Interactive and Regional Maps

  • Interactive Google Maps with AZ fishing locations
  • Directions, fish species filters, major rivers and creeks locations, bait shop location.
  • Zoom in and out with Terrain, Map, Satellite and Earth Mode.
  • View and Print Directions
  • Find dirt roads and water with "Satellite" and "Earth" view
  • Check the water level with "Earth" view "usually 2 to 4 days current images

Reservation Lakes

  • Find what water reside on what reservation
  • View permit and passes information for a specific reservation
  • View rules and regulations for a specific reservation

Arizona Rivers

  • Find information on a specific river
  • View major tributaries, creeks and paths
  • Find what river makes a specific lake

Urban Lakes

  • Find a Urban Lake by city
  • View the Urban fishing report

National Forest Water

  • View what water belong to what forest
  • Pass and Fee information
  • Rules and Fire updates
  • Maps

Fish Species Locations and Descriptions

  • View Arizona Game Fish
  • There Descriptions
  • And habitats

View a complete list of lakes in Arizona