A Beginners Guide to Finding Fish

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  • Growing up, my mom took me fishing recreationally. She taught me how to put a hook on the line, how to bait it, and the basic tricks to get the job done. We never caught anything worth mentioning though. Of course, we can’t all be expert wranglers, but it can be intimidating when you recognize all of the fishing knowledge you just don’t have yet. I’m sure plenty of beginners feel that way. I know that I do. I wanted to give beginners, myself included, a few comfortable places to learn so when the time comes, we’ll have the new skills mastered, and all the bragging rights intact.

    The first location offers simple fishing as well as helpful hints. Rancho Tonto Catch-a-Trout is a unique part of Payson, Arizona. The ranch offers fishermen the opportunity to catch Rainbow Trout in well stocked tanks. All the gear you’ll need is included in their rental fees. This leaves beginners the opportunity to get their feel for the hobby before the go out to pick up their own equipment. The best part of the ranch is that you keep the fish you catch (for a reasonable price). Rancho Tonto Catch-a-Trout will even clean the fish for you. The entire fishing process can be experienced and previewed all in one place making the ranch an ideal place for beginners to see what the sport is all about.

    Sports expos in Arizona also offer beginning fishermen the chance at speaking with experts, viewing equipment, and even having the chance to catch and release a fish in a small tank. Vendors will be there to give you their equipment which gives the beginner the ability to snag all their gear at once, or shop around to see what will be best for them. Fishermen from all over the state will be in the same location willing to share advice, stories, or any knowledge they can as long as you’re willing to strike up a conversation. The tank to fish in may not be a guarantee, but if it is there is will give you the chance at some first-hand experience with a fishing rod.

    The third segment isn’t a specific location, but a program organized by the Arizona Game and Fish department. The goal of the Urban Fishing Program is to bring the sport to people that don’t have the ability to go to it. Lakes located around the valley are well stocked and ready for fishermen to seek them out and gain an experience they normally wouldn’t have without leaving the area. The Urban Fishing web site http://www.azgfd.gov/h_f/urban_fishing.shtml gives all the information about what lakes are stocked with, rules and regulations, and their locations. The Program is a great way for beginners to find an urban lake and get acquainted with the trade before jumping in to the wild side of fishing.

    Find a location close to you, or take a trip up north for some fishing fun. Either way Arizona is a great state for beginning fishermen to experience the trade first hand and let a new trial become a rewarding hobby for anyone..

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