Coconino Reservoir

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  • Coconino Reservoir is a small five acre lake just south of Ashurst Lake. It offers Sunfish, rainbow trout and Bullhead. It's know to have a very rought road so try and bring a 4 wheel drive or hight clearence vehicle to get to the shore. I've just walked to this lake when I was fishing at Ashurst Lake. Theres a rock hill you can see from the south side of Ashurst Lake and just on the other side of it is Coconino Reservoir.

    - Tom
  • GPS:
    35 01' 14.9N 111 24' 27.3W
    Restrictions/Season of Use:
    Coconino Reservoir is open all year
    Road Conditions:
    Land Ownership:
    Coconino Reservoir is owned by the USFS Coconino National Forest
    Ranger Station/District:
    4773 S. Lake Mary Rd. Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (928) 774-1147
    Entrance Fees/Permits:
    There is no access fee for entering Coconino Reservoir.
    7100 Feet
    Max Surface Acres:
    Average Depth:
    7 Feet
    Boat/Engine Restrictions:
    Your limited to a 10 horse motor at Coconino Reservoir.
    Boats to Rent:
    There is nowere to rent boats at Coconino Reservoir, but there is nearby about twenty minutes away in downtown Flagstaff.
    You would not want to swim in Coconino Reservoir because its freezing cold, murky and full of weeds in shallow water.
    Coconino Reservoir has a nice campground for tents and travel vehicles about 150 ft away from the water.
    Barrier free Access:
    Water Skiing:
    Cleaning Stations:
    No marinas at Coconino Reservoir
  • To get directions to Ashurst Lake you can use the interactive map above. Basically to get to Ashurst lake out of Phoenix you have two choices. You can take I17 all the way to Flagstaff and then go south on Lake Mary Rd about 20 right to the lake. Or you can take the 87 out of Phoenix to Lake Mary Rd. Theres also a pretty scenic drive to Ashurst Lake if you take the I17 to Camp Verde get on the 260 East. Take the 260 East to the 87 north to Lake Mary Rd. All of the Routes I listed to Ashurst Lake do not require a truck or 4 wheel drive. Then to get to Coconino Reservoir just head to the south side of Ashurst and follow the dirt road over the hill.

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