Dogtown Reservoir

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  • aka Dogtown Lake. On a good, wet-year, you can expect Dogtown Lake to sell to slightly more than 50 surface acres. When the skies aren't as kind, it can dwindle to little more than a big, slightly more than -3-acre cattle tank. Though enough water is almost always present to ensure our finny adversary's survival, during the late 1990s and early 2000, limits were taken off due to concerns regarding total fish kill-offs. It was not stocked for 2002.

    The Arizona Game and Fish Department has some pretty strict rules about conducting your own stocking program. It's all really simple: you cannot transport fish from on lake to another. It's a good system, one that makes sure the professionals manage the lake properly. Placing a species like catfish in a small tank used to rear the endangered desert pupfish can have tragic results, reversing years of research and work.

    Unfortunately, Dogtown Lake is the scene of one such "Bait Bucket Charlie" Stocking. In this case it was crappie, and though you can catch them today, the lake wasn't originally managed for that species.

    Today Dogtown Lake offers those desperado crappie, rainbow, brook and brown trout-even an occasional cutthroat. AT an elevation of 7,070 feet the trout thrive, But, because crappie are a warm water species, they rarely get big enough to keep. -G.J Sagi, from the essential travel handbook Fishing Arizona
  • GPS:
    Latitude: 35° 12' 14.7"N Longitude: 112° 07' 31.2"W
    Phone Numbers for more information::
    (928) 635-5600
    Road Conditions:
    Paved to dirt
    Land Ownership:
    Kiabab National Forest
    Ranger Station/District:
    Williams Ranger District 742 South Clover Road Williams, Arizona 86046 (928) 635-5600 Fax: (928) 635-5680
    Entrance Fees/Permits:
    Max Surface Acres:
    Average Depth:
    Bag Limit:
    As Posted
    Boat/Engine Restrictions:
    10 horse Max
    Boats to Rent:
    Launching Area:
    Water Skiing:
  • Use the map above to get directions to Dogtown Reservoir is just south of the town of Williams on Perkinsville Road.

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  1. Jose
    Feb 17, 2017
    Should be full. Anglers who can get into Dogtown might catch some of the holdover rainbows and browns since spring fishing can be pretty good. The lake has probably picked up 10 to 11 feet of depth since December and so the fishing might be a little slow, but the trout should be feeding.
  2. HookedAZ
    Jan 6, 2017
    Kastmasters were working from shore last Thursday when my coworker fished the lake. He caught a dozen nice fish all along the north shore in a couple of hours. Yesterday folks on shore were doing really well using rainbow power bait, green garlic PowerBait and rainbow garlic PowerBait. We saw a 23-inch brown trout caught while we were collecting plankton samples. Folk fishing from a boat were also catching fish on lures.

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  1. HookedAZ
    In December, another 80 Juniper trees were sunk in Dogtown Lake as part of the Dogtown Fish Habitat Project. Since the project started in 2014, more than an acre of fish habitat made of Juniper trees has been added to the 80-year-old reservoir. This project is a cooperative effort between the AZGFD, Kaibab National Forest, Northern Arizona Flycasters and Trout Unlimited.