Fishing the Navajo Nation

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  • Navajo Indian Reservation Arizona Fishing and Recreation Information
    The Navajo Indian Reservation is located in north east Arizona and has some of the most remote lakes in the state. Anyone can fish these lakes with a permit from the Navajo Parks and Recreation Division. The permits can be completed by mail, by printing and mailing in this Navajo Fishing Application, or by just purchasing a permit from one of there license vendors listed below on this page immediately upon entering the reservation. It can be hard to navigate your way around the Navajo Reservation so don't try and find one of these lakes at night if you have never been there.

    Where to fish on the Navajo Indian Reservation
    You will find detail information on these lakes pages. Here is a printable map you might want to take .Printable Map of Navajo Lakes
    Also you can view the HookedAZ.com Google Map. If you have the Google Earth Plug in you can even zoom to the lakes shore and see what it looked like 2 or 3 days ago. If you don't have it Google will offer it to you in the top right corner of the map.


    1. White Mesa lake
    2. Cow Springs Lake
    3. Antelope Lake
    4. Ganado Lake
    5. Many Farms Lake
    6. Round Rock Lake
    7. Tsaile Lake
    8. Wheatfields Lake
    9. Red Lake
    10. Asaayi Lake
    11. Chuska Lake
    12. Whiskey Lake
    13. Todacheene Lake
    14. Aspen Lake
    15. Berland Lake
    16. Morgan Lake
    17. Cutter Dam Reservoir

    To check bag limits or rules and regulations, visit the link below to their official site.

    All Navajo Fishing Rules and Regulation document from the Fish and Game Department

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