Gila River

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  • Most people in the metro phoenix think of the Gila River as a dry river with not worth fishing. In the metro Phoenix area the Gila River does appear to be dry, and at most times it is less than a stream except after it rains. If you look close at the Gila you can find some of the best fishing holes in Arizona. Even when it appears to be dry, small poles are left that can not be irrigated and large fish get trapped in them. The Gila River runs literally from one end of our state to the other. If you look at the Gila as it starts in eastern Arizona on the New Mexico border with this Arizona Rivers Map you can see that it makes San Carlos Lake one of the biggest in Arizona and home to very large bass than travels complete across the state to Yuma were it joins the Colorado River. Most of the water from the Gila is used by the city before it makes its way to the Colorado leaving it more of a stream than a river. If you take the time to study the Gila or if your fortunate enough to talk to someone that tells you were these "holes" are, your going to catch some lunker largemouth.

    You can also catch sport trout in the higher elevation tributaries of the Gila in eastern Arizona including Apache Trout. The Gila River is also home to what now is the protected Gila Trout. The Gila Trout looks similar to an Apache Trout with smaller spots and a more brown that yellow base color. To Read more about the Gila River and the Gila Trout view this Wikipedia Page.

    Map of the Gila River
    Use this AZ Interactive Rivers Map to View the Gila River by toggling the buttons on the top, or view the smaller one below.
    Flows and Water Level of the Gila River
    Below list a few important monitoring spots along the Gila River. There are more monitor spots that you can view on theUSGS web site for all of Arizona

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