Grass Carp

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  • Grass Carp aka White Amure: (Ctenopharyngodon idella)


    Gold to greenish silver back fading to yellowish white underside, thick body; with a broad head and large forward facing mouth, dark-edged scales and low set eyes. Can reach weights over 50 lbs

    Location and Habitat
    Native to eastern Asia from the Amur River. Widely introduced in North America and Arizona for weed control.


    Spawns in main channels in late spring in water temperatures from 53 to 63 degrees F. Eggs drift and must remain suspended for 20 to 40 hours for incubation.

    Aquatic Vegetation

    The most effective baits are bread or anything that floats.

    Table Quality
    white, tender, smooth in texture and mild. Have a large spine that's hard to remove.

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