How to catch Northern Pike in Arizona Spoons and dogs

  • There are only a handful of lakes in Arizona that you can catch Northern Pike. Probably the known and most popular lakes in Arizona to fish for Northern Pike are Upper Lake Mary, Ashurst Lake and lakes of the Long Lake complex all of which are located in the Coconino National Forest There are also a few on the Kaibab forest as well. Out of all of these lakes I've seen the big ones come out of Ashurst Lake. There are a couple bait shops on Lake Mary road as you head down to Lake Mary and Ashurst that have a bunch of pictures on the wall of huge fish from Ashurst.

    From what I know you can catch these Pike with Spoons or waterdogs. I've tried waterdogs more than once at the three lakes listed about with minimal luck. The last time I was at Long Lake I saw some guys fishing right near the boat launch catching one right after the other using small spoons from the shore. Personally, lately I’ve been avoid using live bait at all cost, so I’m going to go out and give some different spoons a try, see if I can’t find a winner for the three lakes. Today is the September 3rd and the air is starting to cool off. I’m going Ashurst tomorrow to try and answer some of the question listed below. I’m sure some our members from the northern part of the country have some pike advice. I’ll keep adding links to the article if you find anything you want to share or a good YouTube video post it below.

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  1. danny iberri-shea
    Hi. I fish for pike all the time up here at those lakes. The best set-up I have ever fished with is frozen anchovies fished whole, right on the bottom. Pull the hook and part of the steel through the eyes and pin the hook near the dorsal fin area. This works well under a bobber too, about 3-4 feet down. Chovies will outfish the liveliest dogs any day. I took the pike of the year in 2008 at 21.25 lbs, but have taken many 18s, 15s, and 12s as well. 10 lb test, medium action rods, good drag. Good luck!
  2. Joey
    Cool! Im 12 and can you write telling how to put a liter on fishing line? Im fishing in Minnesota on a small lake with pike in it. I caught one by luck without a liter on a spoon but other than that they keep biteing through my 16 pound line. Could you please tell me how?
  3. HookedAZ
    I tried for Pike at Long Lake on the September 8. I brought a bunch of different sized spoons. I brought every classic spoon the red and white stripped one's 5 of diamonds. Every thing I could find and didn't get a bite. I lost like 6 spoons. So far all I can recommend if you go to Long Lake is to try and bring a weedless spoon. Long Lake is rocky at the bottom. If you let you spoon make it to the bottom on the drop and it just touches one of those rocks... your in for trouble. Those rocks are porous as hell. On a side note if your going to Long Lake, watch out for the mosquitoes. I haven't usually had problems in Arizona with mosquito's till last weekend at Long Lake. I almost got eaten alive. Bring some girly bug spray. Also don't try and buy your steel liters on the way there take the time to find the smallest ones you can. You don't want to only have gigantic steel liters to use because they really mess up the way the spoons fall.
  4. HookedAZ
    On a side note, I've always wondered why the Game and Fish department always wants to get the pike out of the lakes. It seems like we have a million put-and-take trout lakes in Arizona and only a few place to catch pike. They wanted everyone to go fish the pike out of Ashurst about 5 months ago so they wouldn't eat all the trout they were going to stock. The though that crossed my mind was "who cares how good trout are to eat, I want to catch some big fish" I understand that moving a pike to a lake were there is none is messed up, especially a good trout lake with browns or apaches but rainbow stockers?
  5. sasha
    Do you no is good time to go this month to fish pike on Long Lake
  6. HookedAZ
    I don't know what the best time would be for Pike. Now is a good time for trout if they are not biting and long lake does have trout too.