How to Hunt Bass in the Fall AZ

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    This is one of my favorite times of year to fish for bass. Why? Well, the water temperatures are cooling off, the bass are coming back in the shallows and I have hooked a lot of damn nice bass in the fall. We all know during the summer when the water gets hot, bass are less likely to be in the shallows except in the early morning and toward evening.

    The same isn't true in the fall. Once the water temperatures drop, the bass can be in shallow water any time of day. This makes for a little easier fishing. This is also one of my favorite times to use topwater lures. I use big topwater lures in the fall and have caught some really nice fish. One of my favorites to use is the Meadow Mouse. While they don't manufacture this lure anymore. Charles E White "Fall Fishing For Bass"

    As the hot days of summer start to go away, the largemouth bass will become more active through the day in the cooler water. While peak summer fishing for largemouth bass is usually best at early morning and late evening (as well as night!), the fall's cooler temperatures will allow for better fishing throughout the day. Like every other animal, the largemouth bass will need to put on weight to get through the winter, meaning that the largemouth bass is more likely to strike lures and baits than in the summer. Though the fishing might not be as good as in the spring, don't be surprised if you catch a lot of fish or larger fish. Bass will be more likely to be in schools in the fall, meaning that you have both the opportunity to catch more fish as well as a better chance of catching a big one that can more quickly get to your lure. Fall fishing for largemouth bass can be surprisingly productive.

    During the fall, as in other seasons, anglers need to look for the bait fish on which the largemouth will be feeding. Small bait fish will need to bulk up for winter as well. Look for schools of bait fish to be in shallow coves, mouths of small tributaries, and near vegetation. Crankbaits and other lures that replicate the bait fish can provide fast fishing action. Fast moving jigs, buzz baits, and spinnerbaits will work well in the fall also. - J.Motes

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  1. Tom
    I guess its time to go out and buy some buzz baits.
  2. chuck times
    FLW Outdoors Fishing Tip of the Week
    Yamaha Pro Ish Monroe, Hughson, California
    Most guys think of frog fishing as being a summertime deal, but it works for me just about all year. In fact, December is the only month when I haven't caught bass on frogs. Skip it under docks, around laydown logs, or under overhanging trees and brush - in open water or heavy vegetation. I've won several fall tournaments using a Snagproof Phat Frog in shad or white. I like to walk it along the surface with a Daiwa Steez XBD Frog Rod, which is a 7-foot, 4-inch rod with extra heavy action. My reel is Daiwa Zillion (6.3:1 gear ratio) loaded with 55-pound-test Samurai Braid.
    Conventional wisdom has it that topwaters produce...
  3. Charles
    Cool Fall article. I did well this fall for bass at Bartlett. Mostly spinners and big swim baits.