Long Lake

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  • Although the lake stands at an elevation of 6,700 feet and is in a relatively cool portion of the state, it is managed more as a warmwater fishery. Expect to catch an occasional rainbow trout, along with sunfish, channel catfish and largemouth bass. Though trout aren't the main fare at Long Lake, when they do surface, they're usually big. In fact, a 5-pounder was caught with a bass topwater lure. Expect the stocking truck to arrive here with rainbow trout about three times a year, beginning in mid-April and ending in late September. Occasionally special stocking will occur, which is exactly what happened in 1993 when the Game and Fish Department added 10,000 Kamloop trout to the lake.

    You never know what will answer the dinner bell either. In July 2000, the Arizona Game and Fish Department was advising that the lake's newest inhabitant, walleye, weighing up to 1.5 pounds were being caught by anglers using night crawlers. On october 26, 2000 a 23-pound, 7.04-ounce northern pike was caught here, and on April 13, 2002, the lake surrendered a 5-pound, 1.92-ounce rainbow trout. -G.J Sagi, from the essential travel handbook Fishing Arizona

    Long Lake is one of 4 lakes in the Long Lake Complex. The other three are Soldier Lake, Soldier Annex and Tremain Lake. - Tom

    If the fish aren't biting in one of these lakes, you can always try another. Not only will you be helping your chances by changing location, but each of these bodies of water is known for producing a different species of fish. The three shallow lakes in this group serve forest visitors as places to set up a primitive camp and go fishing. Soldier's Lake provides good fishing for bass and catfish. Soldier's Annex Lake is better known for its catfish, although blue gill can also be caught here. Long Lake is the only one of the three that is stocked with trout but is also good for walleye and catfish. Many forest visitors come here to set up primitive camps and enjoy other forest activities besides fishing, such as off highway vehicle riding and wildlife watching. The lakes are located in an area of open grasslands dotted with pinyon and juniper trees. - Coconino National Forest
  • GPS:
    Latitude: 34° 46' 47.6" N Longitude: 111° 12' 16.8" W
    Phone Numbers for more information::
    Flagstaff Game and Fish Phone: (602) 789-3701
    Restrictions/Season of Use:
    Long Lake is open all year but check with the Coconino Forest in Winter for Road closer
    Road Conditions:
    The road to Long Lake is not that bad its dirt with a few potholes. If your planning to visit Soldier Lake bring something 4 wheel drive with higher clearance.
    Land Ownership:
    Coconino National Forest
    Ranger Station/District:
    Mogollon Rim Ranger District
    Entrance Fees/Permits:
    There is no fee for Long Lake
    The elevation at Long Lake is 6700 feet
    Max Surface Acres:
    Long Lake is about 268 surface acers
    Average Depth:
    The average depth for Long Lake is 25 plus feet.
    Boat/Engine Restrictions:
    No engine restrictions for Long Lake but single electrics only on Soldier Lakes.
    Boats to Rent:
    There are no boat rentals at Long Lake.
    There are no developed campgrounds at these lakes. The nearest developed campground is Long Lake Campground which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
    Barrier free Access:
    Trailer Spaces:
    No trailer spaces at Long Lake. But plenty nearby at Long Lake
    Launching Area:
    Only one launching area at Long Lake that is Paved
    Water Skiing:
    Cleaning Stations:
    No Cleaning stations at Long Lake
    No marinas at Long Lake
  • You can go through Payson if you leaving Phoenix to get to Long Lake off Lake Mary Road or Or from Phoenix going north on Hwy 87, turn west (left) on FR 211 about a quarter mile north of the Long Lake office (about milepost 300). Turn right about 3.5 miles at the FR 82 intersection and then 12 miles to the lake. Or from Flagstaff: Drive 48 miles south of Flagstaff on Forest Highway 3 (Lake Mary Road). Turn east (left) on FR 211. Follow FR 211 about 8 miles to FR 82 then turn left (north) 12 miles to Long Lake.

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  1. HookedAZ
    Jan 6, 2017
    No water.

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  1. bob smite
    some one said that the mercury levils in long lake are very high and the fish were not safe to eat is this true???
  2. HookedAZ
    Yeah looks like there is one on the game and fish site. Thanks for bringing that up.

    Location: Long Lake, Coconino County
    Pollutant & Source: Mercury. Sources to be investigated.
    Advisory: Do not consume fish. Trout are not included in this advisory.
  3. kittyk
    ugg cant find anything about the abandoned cabin at the end
    1. J.P.
      The cabin is an old Forest Service office/cabin for when the Rangers would have to stay out there for a long period of time.
      J.P., Oct 25, 2016
    2. Grant L Ringuette
      Just heard about Long Lake is it as nice as it looks? Whats this about a abandoned cabin I love Arizona history> Grant
      Grant L Ringuette, Oct 25, 2016
  4. CaptainMorgan
    This lake is 2 foot deep max. went on june 28th. launched boat from shore. ramps completely out of water. middle of lake was 3 feet deep maximum. not a bite. no sighting of minnows. dead crawfish all over the shore from birds walking in shallows(ie. entire lake) and picking them off. Don't go here. other lakes around appear to be a little better but not by much
  5. Dan Meyers
    I was out to Long Lake today. Not to go fishing, but to verify my suspicions that AZ Game and Fish are up to their old tricks again. They want to make Long Lake a Trout fishery, but find it hard to do with Pike in the lake. Why do they want a Trout fishery? Because there is lots of money made with trout. This is how the system of lakes work: Runoff, mostly from snow melt, enter Soldier Lake with a canal connecting Soldier Annex Lake. Once both of those lakes are full, the overflow goes to fill Long Lake. There is a drain gate at the bottom of Soldier Annex earth dam. By leaving that gate open any overflow is just flushed down a wash, gone forever. It may take a couple of years for Long Lake to dry up, but when it does, the Pike will be gone. At least that's what they thought would happen when they did the very exact thing a little over ten years ago. I checked with my own eyes today, and both Soldier Lakes are full to the top. I am so pissed. I wonder how it is even possible, for an agency set up to protect wildlife, to intentionally kill a 268 acre lake and everything in it, twice. And no one knows except a very few people. And me...Most people assume the lake is going dry because of our drought, hell, this is Arizona, no one questions why the lake is going dry. And here's the kicker. Whether someone actually brings them in, or they come in the overflow water from the Soldier Lakes, Long Lake will still end up with Pike.
    1. MrNeel
      Dan - how much water is in Long Lake now? (Depth) Heard it's only a mud puddle. Back in 96 or 97 I caught a 14lb pike out of there and it was one of the best fights I've had reeling, including the deep sea fishing I've done. Would love to go back for some Walleye and Pike fishing.
      MrNeel, Oct 25, 2016
    2. Dan Meyers
      Hello Mr.Neel, I haven't been back to this site in a while. When I was at the lake in July, it was less than half full, and as Captain Morgan mentioned, less than two feet deep. He also brings up a good point, that after the lake gets so low, it becomes under attack from eagles, hawks and you name it. Not sure where you are from, and it's a little late now in the year now, but come next spring, give Upper Lake Mary a try. Pike and Walleye lakes are getting fewer, but Lake Mary still produces.
      Dan Meyers, Oct 25, 2016