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White Mountain Indian Reservation Fishing Information

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  • The White Mountains Fort Apache Indian Reservation is in the center of a lake infested region "The White Mountains" in northern Arizona. Its home to some of the best cold water fishing in the state plus a lot of its lakes and rivers hold the native Apache trout only found in Arizona. There's more to do there than fish including hunting, white water rafting and sight seeing. This article just focuses on the fishing.

    Keep in mind if your on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation doing anything recreational other than just driving though you will need to get a White Mountains Pass/Permit for the day or a White Mountains Fishing Permit. All of the lakes on this list require one with some special exceptions such as Christmas Tree Lake that requires reservations and a special use permit. Some of these lakes such as Tonto Lake is only open to tribal members. Some of these lakes may be in areas marked as closed due to road conditions or to preserve quality experience. View this map of the White Mountain areas marked closed or special use before you go.

    Where to Fish in the White Mountains Reservation
    Below is a list of the best places to fish in the White Mountain Apache Reservation. It includes lakes, rivers and creeks.
    Keep in mind these listed waters are for the White Mountain Indian Reservation only, NOT White Mountain Region.


    A1 Lake
    Big Bear Lake
    Black River (Special Use)
    Bog Tank
    Bootleg Lake
    Cooley Lake
    Christmas Tree Lake (Special Use)
    Cyclone Lake
    Diamond Creek
    Drift Fence Lake
    Earl Park Lake (Special Use)
    Hawley Lake
    Horseshoe Cienega Lake
    Hurricane Lake (Special Use)
    Pacheta Lake
    Reservation Lake
    Salt River
    Shush Be Tou Lake (Big Bear)
    Shush Be Zahze Lake (Little Bear)
    Silver Creek
    Sunrise Lake
    Tonto Lake (Special Use)
    White River (Special Use)

    White Mountain Fishing Permit Pricing
    Visit wmatoutdoors.org

    White Mountains fishing permit vendors, where to get a permit or pass
    Where to get a White Mountains fishing permit or pass "map on the way"
    Pinetop-Lakeside Carrizo Station (928) 332-2404
    Pinetop-Lakeside Hon-Dah Ski & Outdoor Sport (928) 369-7669
    Pinetop-Lakeside Hon-Dah Service Station (928) 369-4311
    McNary Mc Nary Food Store (928) 334-2217
    Whiteriver North Fork Food Store (928) 338-4923
    Whiteriver WMAT Game & Fish Department (928) 338-4385
    Hawley Lake Store "only open in the summer at the lake"
    Pinetop-Lakeside Pinetop Sporting Goods (928) 367-5050
    Show Low K-Mart (928) 527-3192
    Springerville Western Drug (928) 333-4321
    Phoenix Sportsman's Warehouse (623) 516-1400
    Mesa Sportsman's Warehouse (480) 558-1111
    Tucson Tucson Sportsman's Warehouse (520)-887-4500

    White Mountains Rules and Regulations
    Bag limits on the White Mountains
    visit wmatoutdoors.org

    For more information contact the White Mountains Game and Fish Department/ WILDLIFE & OUTDOOR RECREATION DIVISION (928) 338-4385

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