Checklist to get your boat ready for fishing season

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  1. HookedAZ

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    This is a good article from the Payson Roundup about getting your boat ready for fishing season.

    "With the great runoff into Roosevelt, lake levels are on the rise with new structure being added to the water that correlates to great fishing.

    If you are an angler and have a boat, it has probably been stored in a garage or under a boat cover for much of the last five months. Well, it’s time to make a systematic check of all the operational equipment.

    After a lengthy period of non-use, batteries tend to deteriorate. The first step is to check all of the cells and fill them with distilled water to the prescribed level. When this is done, it is time to hook up the battery charger on slow trickle or 2 amps to see if the battery will hold a charge for a day’s fishing.

    If your boat has an on-board charger, then look at the bank of lights to determine if all the batteries are in good working order. Make a quick check of all the terminals and connections, which could save much frustration on that first outing to Roosevelt Lake."

    Read more: http://www.paysonroundup.com/outdoo...cle_397a1c15-1e98-5399-83da-b38644d4d858.html
  2. Dave Ayers

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    Cool, thanks for the info!

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