Ex Arizona Game and Fish chief says Trump shouldn't expect gold toilets

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  1. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

    This article by an ex branch chief is an interesting insight on how AZGFD raised license fees for their budget, and the challenges of working in public service.

    Twelve years ago I went to work as a branch chief for the Arizona Game & Fish Department. In Arizona, like in most states, wildlife conservation is wholly funded by people who hunt and fish. And nationwide, hunting and fishing has been in decline for decades.

    Though we were a government agency, we were funded like a business. We received no money from the state budget—our customers funded the entire operation. The Department engaged in marketing and educational efforts to try and create more hunters and anglers, but we also needed to raise our license fees.

    So, as a government agency, we did what we needed to do to raise our prices:

    We pushed for years to get legislation passed that would allow the Department to increase fees. Once the legislation passed, we entered the rule making process—an arcane and overlooked part of lawmaking that happens at the state and federal level. During rule making (the part of the process I managed), we traveled to something like nine different cities in Arizona to get public input.

    (Side note: On one of these trips I learned the hard way that there are no bathrooms on a six-passenger, government owned plane—let alone the gold plated toilets the Trump family is used to.)

    full article: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/13/what-trump-ceo-appointees-will-learn-about-government-commentary.html
  2. Jak Wow

    Jak Wow Lurker

    Oh shit. Yeah the president can probably get things done a bit quicker I'd imagine.

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