Moving from Texas to Phoenix... what is different about the fishing here?

Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussions' started by Peaul, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. Peaul

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    Howdy y'all, I'm moving from Texas to the Phoenix area for 8 months. I mostly catfished back in Texas, but I am down to try new things fishing wise. What lakes are the most well known for big catfish? Is shore fishing viable for these catfish? What bait should I use here? In Texas we'd hook the biggest live shad we could find and you'd be able to catch decently big(25-35lb) catfish from the shore of some of the bigger lakes. I'm not going to have a boat and I didn't bring any of my gear sadly, so if anyone could help me get started I would really appreciate it!

    As a side note, I also want to try trout fishing(or any other fishing that isn't possible in Texas), but I have literally zero experience with that. If there's a starter thread or something I could look at that would also be great. Thank you so much!

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