Possible new fishing program at Palo Duro, Nogales

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    Nature enthusiasts say there’s a myriad of possibilities for the now-defunct city-owned Palo Duro Golf Course in the Meadow Hills neighborhood. But with little funding and no clear direction from the city, nothing has been done to move a project forward.

    “We’re just in the very preliminary stages right now, exploring the options,” said Tim Wade of the AZGFD. “We’re just looking at options of how we can create an area there that might have some possibility for fishing, wetlands opportunities, habitat. Looking at what’s good for the community and the habitat.”

    “It is still a concept we are interested in learning more about,” he said in an email last week. “The general idea is that restoring the wetland area that was filled in back when the Palo Duro Golf Course was constructed could provide extra flood storage and potentially decrease the risk of flooding along the upper Potrero Creek, especially between I-19 and its confluence with the Nogales Wash, just downstream of the Chula Vista area.”

    read more/ source www.nogalesinternational.com/news/advocates-hope-to-bring-palo-duro-property-back-to-life/article_a9649b40-e421-11e6-af37-a3c557b78227.html

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