Smallmouths join stripers and trout in weekly Mohave fishing report

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    stripers and rainbow trout have a companion in this week’s area fishing report: Smallmouth bass.
    “It’s stripers on Lake Mohave and rainbow trout on the river,” proclaimed Rusty Braun, proprietor of Riviera Marina and provider of all things fishing to the Mohave Valley Daily News, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

    “Up above Davis Dam, the striper bite is doing OK,” Braun said. “Anchovies are working well from both the shore or a boat.”
    Robert Isza found the going really good near the dam, landing a handful of nice stripers, ranging in weight from 3.8 pounds to 8.3 pounds and in length from 263/8 inches to 323/8 inches.
    “This is a great catch and gives a good range of the size you might encounter,” Braun said.
    While many anglers are going after the big ones, these are mighty fine fish.

    Hennery Peterson also caught a mighty fine fish, pulling in a 3.9-pound, 191/2-inch smallmouth bass a little further upstream on the lake. The 94-year-old visitor was rightfully proud of his colorful catch.
    “This is a good-sized smallmouth bass and nice colors as our water is clear and crisp this time of year,” Braun said.
    Below the dam, the trout are still being planted — and still being caught.

    “We just had another trout plant at two sites — Davis Camp and Community Park,” Braun said. “Community Park is in Old Bullhead City near the smiling tortoise (“Poki,” in front of the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce building) along the highway,” Braun said. “Around the launch ramp is usually a great place to start, then move around to find that hole for the trout.
    “The trout we are getting now are from the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery. Yes, they are up-and-running and all is going well. We have our hatchery back, thanks to the hard work from our local officials, some senators and congressmen and our Arizona Game and Fish Department, all combined with the federal Fish and Wildlife Service. This shows what a group can do when brought together working for a positive. Thanks to all.”
    If you are having any luck on the water, or need some fishing advice, get in touch with Braun. He can be reached at Riviera Marina, 520 Riviera Blvd., or by phone at 928-763-8550.

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