Tiger Muskies introduced into Horsethief Basin Lake, Arizona

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  1. Link: https://fishaz.azgfd.com/alerts/ale...to-horsethief-basin-lake-with-stocking-video/

    BY NICK WALTER · MAY 21, 2019

    "Arizona anglers can take the ‘lunge.

    We stocked 450 tiger muskies — a.k.a. Tiger Muskellunge — into Horsethief Basin Lake, located near Crown King in central Arizona, to provide a featured species opportunity for recreational fishing. This will establish a catch-and-release only designation on tiger muskie at Horsethief Basin Lake for the calendar year 2019-20!

    Other things to note about this stocking:

    - This lake is the only place we’ll be stocking muskies for now.
    - Muskies will likely feed on the lake’s stunted largemouth bass population.
    - This is a closed system so we don’t anticipate muskies escaping to other waters.
    - The muskies are sterile (do not reproduce).
    - We’ll evaluate this population annually and determine if it’s wise to stock more.
    - The muskies were donated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

    Welcome back to AZ, muskies!"

    The Tiger Muskies were stocked on 5/16/2019

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