Tips Needed! Trolling in Rim Lakes

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    Hoping to get some advice for fishing from a boat in the Mogollon Rim Lakes (Willow Springs, Woods Canyon).

    I can't catch anything between June and August!

    I have had good success catching trout in Woods Canyon and Willow Springs Lakes during the late Spring season when trolling from my boat. I've used cowbells, spinners, and crickhoppers, sometimes with a worm or some powerbait on the end. Slow troll with my electric motor and could pull up 6+ in a matter of a few hours.

    However, during the height of the summer (June through August), I can't get anything. I've tried all my lures, different types of powerbait and worms, different trolling speeds and depths down to where my fish finder indicates there are fish (10-15ft). I've tried bobbers and bait/worms at different depths as well. I have focused my efforts along the shores and shallows mostly. Done several early morning trips, and some mid-day.

    For the past 3 seasons, not even a bite during the summer months. It's frustrating, since this is when my family is up there the most.

    What am I doing wrong? Any tips? Do I need to fish the depths in the center of the lake?

    I could use advice from any of the anglers out there! Thanks in advance!

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