Best lake in AZ for walleye?

Discussion in 'General Fishing Discussions' started by Jeff k, Mar 8, 2017.

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  1. Jeff k

    Jeff k Lurker

    What's the best place to go to catch a walleye in Arizona? I've seen a few lakes including Powell but catch rates are low.
  2. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

    I'd imagine you get some quick responses that Show Low Lake is the best for walleye fishing. Again, many people might not want to share their spots on this question since walleye is not super easy to find here.
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  3. Jeff k

    Jeff k Lurker

    Anything near the rim?
  4. Utik Lake, Immerse yourself in the total wilderness of north-central Manitoba.

    Enjoy a time of relaxation and fun for the family with a ton of activities.
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