East Verde River Becoming Year-Round Trout Stream

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    The local Tonto Fish Hatchery operated by the AZGFD has done an excellent job in making this stream even better fishing than it has been in past years. From the pump station near Washington Park down river to East Verde Estates many pools have received catchable rainbows by the weekly stocking program.

    The pump station is currently in operation, which has increased the water flow into the river. Traditionally, the pumps are shut down by Labor Day, not to be turned on until the first of May.

    If the additional water flowing becomes the norm for future years, it might encourage a sporadic fall and winter stocking program for the East Verde.

    If there is sufficient water flowing and some fish available by limited trout stockings, this could certainly boost the number of visitors to the Rim Country in the off months of the year.

    In addition to the main part of the river, there is a section above the pump stations that is spring fed which allows for some wilderness trout fishing for the more adventuresome anglers.

    There is approximately two miles of fishable water where native rainbows are reproduced through the natural spawning process. These wild trout are much smaller, but are a real thrill to catch on a five weight fly rod when rock hopping upstream trying to navigate the briars and overhanging tree limbs. It is a true challenge.

    This portion of the creek has been designated as a “catch and release” with the anticipation of maintaining the wild trout population.

    The AZGFD rules state that a single barbless hook on a fly or other artificial lure is the only method of fishing this stretch of water.

    full article source: http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2016/nov/01/east-verde-river-becoming-year-round-trout-stream/
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    Nice. Very nice. close to my place

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