Low-level water releases begin from Verde River

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    Interesting to read what they do with water when they have it.

    "This weekend’s forecast of a return of wet weather to northern and central Arizona has prompted Salt River Project to begin releasing excess water from its two reservoirs on the Verde River to create additional storage capacity and provide maximum flexibility for likely future runoff events, according to a press release.

    A low-level spill release of about 500 cubic feet per second was initiated the afternoon of Feb. 10 from Bartlett Lake on the Verde River, which is reaching near capacity from snow melt with only about 32,000 acre-feet of available space. The total Verde River storage system today is at 87 percent of capacity, up from 45 percent in mid-December. horseshoe lake is currently at 94 percent of capacity and Bartlett Lake is 82 percent full."

    readmore/full article: mesaindependent.com/business/low-level-water-releases-begin-verde-river/

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