New State Record Smallmouth Caught at Lake Havasu

Discussion in 'Arizona Fishing News and Events' started by HookedAZ, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. HookedAZ

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    state-record-small-mouth-bass-lake-havasu-az.jpg Sue Nowak caught this 6.28 lb, 21 inches long and 17.25 inches wide bronzback fishing at Lake Havasu on Thursday. It's the new AZ state record smallmouth bass. The previous was also caught at Havasu.

    It was recorded at Havasu’s Bass Tackle Master Shop, at 260 London Bridge Road. Proof of the catch sent to AZGFD Friday morning.
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  2. Seabass

    Seabass Lurker

    Wow. That's a fat fish. Havasu is the spot for these guys.
  3. Tom

    Tom Lurker

    Time to go to Havasu. Well, if you don't mind the spring break crowd.
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  4. Jose

    Jose Lurker

    Wonder what she caught that thing on.
  5. HookedAZ

    HookedAZ Administrator Staff Member

    Here's another pic of this hog. And some more details about the catch.

    "Well this one was easy. Sue Nowak caught this 21-inch, 6.28-pound smallmouth bass that is a Colorado River waters hook-and-line state record. She caught it around noon on Thursday, Feb. 23 with a dropshot-rigged True Image mini shaker lemonade worm. She was fishing with Shaun Bailey’s Guide Service in Lake Havasu City."


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