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    5. Alamo Lake
    At any given time from Nov. – Feb., Alamo can have some of the best crappie fishing in the state.

    4. Parker Canyon Lake
    Stocked with rainbow November through March.
    Its water temperatures remain cold enough to keep trout active throughout the day — not just during the late evening and early mornings.

    3. Lees Ferry
    Winter is traditionally the spawning period for this world-class wild rainbow trout fishery in northern Arizona that provides the awe-inspiring gateway to the Grand Canyon.

    2. Lake Havasu
    The world record 5-pound, 12.8-ounce redear sunfish was taken last year from Lake Havasu by Hector Brito.
    Lake Havasu has some of the best bass fishing in the nation and water temperatures stay relatively warm during the winter.
    This giant, shallow, solunar bowl in the desert heats up quickly during a warm winter sun and has a large variety for sport-fish.
    Havasu also contains some monster redear sunfish — the world record 5-pound, 12.8-ounce redear was taken from Havasu in February of 2014.

    1. Lower Salt River
    The Lower Salt River is typically stocked throwout the winter with rainbow trout at Granite Reef, Blue Ridge and Phon D. Sutton.
    Try nightcrawlers, small spinners, Kastmasters and flies. You might be able to catch some bass or sunfish in the deeper holes.

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