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  • Fishing reports and information for Flagstaff Lakes in Arizona

    Flagstaff has mostly cold water fisheries, so you'll be catching mostly trout, pike, walleye and some arctic grayling for the most part, a few lakes have bass, crappie and catfish opportunities as well. The majority of the lakes in Flagstaff are located on the Coconino National Forest.

    Best Fishing Spots

    Lake Mary

    The most famous Flagstaff lake is Lake Mary. It's close to the town of Flagstaff and has excellent trout and pike fishing, this is also where you can catch bass and crappie. The lake is divided into Upper Lake Mary, and Lower Lake Mary. Upper Lake Mary is generally full, and is the primary fishing and boating spot.

    Ashurst Lake
    Ashurst lake is another cool lake in the Flagstaff area. It has Northern Pike and Trout. It's a bit south of Flag so you'll be fishing surrounded by juniper trees, not pines.

    Kinnikinick and Blue Ridge Reservoir

    These two lakes are worth seeing aside from the fishing. Kinnikinick Lake is surrounded by tall grass, and Blue Ridge is a long narrow lake at the bottom of a canyon. Both have generally good trout fishing, and are a little out of the way but worth the drive.

    Francis Short Pond
    Francsis Short pond is Flagstaff's urban lake located downtown. If you're just looking somewhere to take your kids, or quick day trip. It's just a small two acre lake but something to fish.

    Other fishing spots near Flagstaff
    These other lakes in Flag you'll want to check the reports and updates on before heading out. Many of them are only full if we've recently had some rain.

    For information about fishing rules and regulations in Flagstaff, you can visit Game and Fish department at azgfd.net or the Conconino Forest at fs.usda.gov/coconino/

    Read the below reviews and comments for recent Flagstaff fishing reports and lake updates. If you've been out lately, join and post!
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  1. HookedAZ
    "Flagstaff Lakes Full from recent storms"
    A recent influx of snow and subsequent run-off is giving many Flagstaff area lakes a refill. During the past two years, water levels at Kaibab Lake near Williams had been far too low to stock fish. Thanks to recent heavy rains, the lake is full and spilling. All lakes in the Flagstaff region are ice free. AZGFD will not be stocking all lakes, and the ones that will be stocked will not get fish until after March 1.

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